Click here for our post on Foot Locker‘s announcement that the Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Red October” will not release on December 27, 2013.

**UPDATE**: Foot Locker has now stated that they will update with information regarding the release of the “Red October” Yeezy 2s once they have it. See their latest tweet below, and stay tuned to Nice Kicks for all updates regarding the anticipated release.

We have been getting a lot of inquiries on the Nike Yeezy 2. We have no info at this time, stay tuned for updates.

— Foot Locker (@footlocker) December 22, 2013


The Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Red October” will in fact release online via Foot Locker on December 27th. According to a recent Tweet by Foot Locker, the shoes will launch at at 8AM EST on December 27th. As of now, no other sites or stores are confirmed to receive this release.

It appears the Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Red October” is happening. A Foot Locker release date calendar has the highly anticipated Kanye West kicks slated to launch on December 27th. These are also said to be a House of Hoops exclusive. Stay tuned for more information on this Yeezy 2 launch.

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Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Red October”

Release Date: December 27, 2013

Foot Locker


Lead image via Sneaker News


    nicekicks this is soo 1 hour ago.

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    nicekicks hmmm

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    nicekicks people can stop buying fakes now lmao

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    “nicekicks: Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Red October” Release Date” julezsb bro

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    nicekicks All Hell’s breaking loose.

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    Hudsoniscool damn that’s next Friday!

  • Hudsoniscool

    julezsb I’m taking my whole family to get raffle tickets ahahha

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    “nicekicks: Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Red October” Release Date” theycallmekylec 12/27

  • Chopz

    Eh, not the greatest CW for this silhouette. There’s no way i’d camp for these and that’s exactly what you’re gonna have to do to get your hands on these. PASS! Besides, Ye’s not even affiliated w/the brand anymore… C’Mon Son!

  • real_adams

    nicekicks you know if they are releasing in Canada?

  • OGaustinr

    nicekicks what lmao

  • DullyB24

    nicekicks wack, Kanye not even with nike any more, they shoulda been released a long time ago

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    Ballout_TAlston nicekicks damn, but nah. i dont really like these red octobers or yeezys in general.

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    Guesly Crazy_CHR1S itsnthesteeze nicekicks Wow

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    AnthonyRoger_ bro ima hoop in them tbh

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    nicekicks wtf did I just look at

  • RayCashhh

    nicekicks footlocker raffle or first come first serve ?

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    “nicekicks: The “Red October” Yeezy 2s are now on footlocker’s Release Calendar ->” wow

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    rev_gun Salty Tho I Just Called And Easton Not Even Getting Them..

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    nicekicks footlocker KCSole6 RED OCTOBERS!

  • SpenceVuitton

    rev_gun That’s What I Was Thinking And They Drop Next Friday Already..

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    Really_Rett nike goin ham right now

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    geeeang i need them joints

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    dashNeako nicekicks footlocker damn. Aiight thnxx

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    please tell me someone did not ask if these were first come first serve. were you old enought to remember the LA riots?

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    smh just checked on fake not true

  • Ryan Stiles


  • Mike Mato

    gotta do that to get clicks? smh

  • Really_Rett

    OndeckTV Like a mf

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    Wack, them shoes are Fugly…

  • Bridgette M. Lopez

    Nike Released a statement stating that there would be no release date but to watch out for them all month long so I dont know how you got one. Can’t be true.

  • William Albaladejo

    wouldnt stores start to recieve them by now?

  • Mike Mato

    yea thats what i meant i did!

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    Mike Mato every shoe website is reporting this…

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    SpenceVuitton im atleast going to try to get them. somewhere.

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    whats even better is kanye west doesnt get royalties for them haha.

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    nicekicks footlocker JUSTLUGO

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    They took it off, Check again

  • Morris Black

    i aint got the answers.. or the money

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    you ain’t got da answers sway

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    Its on footlocker release calendar . Only house of hoops selling them

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    nicekicks footlocker its not on the website anymore

  • kryptonitekillz

    Sneakerpedia nicekicks It’s not on their website if that’s the case. Is that picture a hoax?

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    OohCrissy Oh my, Thanks ??

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    Hit Refresh, it’s gone

  • Amin Town

    Fabio E Strike notizia

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    I just checked footlocker and house of hoops release calendar and it’s not on either…

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    and they just removed it hahhaa

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    If we could only get so lucky..they would be gone!

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    Lol it’s fake

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    I would go after these, but my bullet proof vest is in the pawn shop.

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    & now they’re gone….

  • coric94

    nicekicks Do you know if they will be released in GS sizes??

  • Christopher James Schake

    For real Christian Lopez!!!!!

  • VicRoc Rivera

    EEEEEEEWWWWWW!!!!! Yeezys are ugg AF!!! Not just the color either! Them shits are hideous!!!! You couldn’t PAY ME to wear those. Their the sneaker equivalent of Quasimodo! Hell,that should be their name,”The Quasimodos” lol

  • Ericneil1

    nicekicks footlocker damn

  • Markus Chrismen Lafargue

    It’s not on the footlocker calendar anymore

  • michaelcruz69


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    ugly af

  • nicekicks

    michaelcruz69 yep, we updated the post ->

  • itsmemikeross

    nicekicks they trollin

  • Reeeno84

    nicekicks footlocker it’s off the calendar now

  • TrisjenHarris

    I don’t get all the hype over this shoe!! What is it? To me they look ugly.

  • nicekicks

    Reeeno84 correct, check our update ->

  • Sneakerpedia

    kryptonitekillz its on their release calendar page.

  • Charles Quintana

    Damn I been trying to cop these but idk were to get them

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    how much they going for

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    Never seen anything more horrendous!

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    AlexB0587 Guesly itsnthesteeze nicekicks sleeping bag ready

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    Sneakerpedia I must be really slow because I am looking at both release calendar pages (the link you provided). No there?

  • Guesly

    Crazy_CHR1S might go with you

  • kryptonitekillz

    Sneakerpedia Not there? I used the link you provided.

  • Siy1337

    Probably going to have to jump through hoops of fire to get these lol

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    Come onnnnnnn there’s no house of hoops here

  • Austin Hafer

    It’s been pulled already.

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    KIMYE ^^^

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    Nickszymanski nicekicks ThatKiddGibby DrakeBowman12 well that was unexpected…

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    Why do they look like something Richard Simmons would wear

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    Richard CLark-Sanchez

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    nicekicks someone getting fired up at Footlocker for that one lol

  • Mike Mato

    Pulled, or someone photoshopped, we will never know

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    how much?

  • Sneakerpedia

    kryptonitekillz its been removed now.

  • Nickszymanski

    ScottyBoi7214 nicekicks ThatKiddGibby DrakeBowman12 footlocker took it down off the release day page… Keep a look out for updates

  • Matt Melchor

    this is so great haaa i bet people just went crazy and now they’re whole attitude has changed…loosers

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    how much for this?

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    Sneakerpedia nicekicks Ahh thanks for the update!

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    lowkeybritt im boutta start camping right now

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    Fake… Look at the hoh site!

  • ScottyBoi7214

    Nickszymanski nicekicks ThatKiddGibby DrakeBowman12 I think it was a hacker who put it up, Idk.

  • Klev Meister

    They gonna retail $250 like the others I assume

  • Nickszymanski

    ScottyBoi7214 nicekicks ThatKiddGibby DrakeBowman12 I hope not

  • ReaLKenny86

    AgentZero44 IM SO SICK RIGHT NOW

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    I was gonna say I’m hearing this a bunch of bs and these ain’t even gonna release

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    nicekicks People clearly didn’t read that this is an update

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    JohnDaDon_ how much you think they goin for?

  • Jetlife_Ryan_

    “MVPREME: Lmao bro…. “Jetlife_Ryan_: MVPREME foot locker confirmed a release tho””

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    ViktorMcFly FL removed them from their release calendar. Check the update ->

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    If you want these kill yo self



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    Oscar F. Plata Armando Avila

  • John Kitt

    I’m going to wait for the Oregon 5

  • Oscar F. Plata

    Yup lol

  • Darahn Wright

    So kanye isnt with nike bc they refused to release them, but now they are once he goes to adidas? Only a few were produced but you all got em ? Cool

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    meazy03 probably are

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    geeeang them shits would be so clutch to get

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    Fernando Lopez

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    Not feeling them….

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    The yeezys keep getting ugly every year

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    Guesly the more the merrier

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    Matt Berry

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    Lol people saying they whack n don’t want em gonna try buy em

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    I bet a hacker put them up, doubt Foot Locker would have called the shoe Air Yeezy 2 “Red October” on the release calendar just like it doesn’t say Air Jordan 11 “Gamma” it says the color way.

  • Marcin Dziuba

    We’ll find THE official rls date somewhere in the lyrics of Kanye’s next single titled (unintentionally) ‘Red Octobers*’ *co-produced by Dr. Dre of off Detox

  • Brian Evans

    Ahmyr Fenter

  • Aquino Anthony

    Joshua De Los Reyes

  • AgentZero44

    ReaLKenny86 lmfao

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    Foot locker said psych

  • hhernandez6689

    Resellers and hypebeast with no life have the tents on standby to camp out in front of HOH

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    so I guess they will be re-sold for 3 billion dollars a pair

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    meazy03 you had birds under your wing since a youngin flee

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    nicekicks SOoNasty_

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    nicekicks cmitch_27 We going camping?

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  • cmitch_27

    Lerdacris nicekicks I seriously would though…no lie

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    42gnik they retail at 250. 279.90 after tax

  • Lewis Powell

    Lester Macabasco

  • meazy03

    _Supaflykicks you peep

  • 42gnik

    bet RTJohnDaDon__:42gnikk they retail at 250. 279.90 after tax”

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    Joey Turk

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    Dem shits is dumb ugly

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    JohnDaDon_ let me guess, they don’t come out in kids?

  • JohnDaDon_

    C_Antonette of course not girl

  • sushimantrippin

    nicekicks them yeezys are just a tease. Release them already nike!

  • paperpenguin1

    damn i just just had a hype beast  fit in my kitchen .

  • SoleTakersResrv

    We have reserves on the Nike Air Yeezy, Kobe Prelude Pack, Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blue, 3Lab5 Infrared, and other new releases. If you need new release reserves, contact

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    The yeezy’s are dope all of them

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    u guys totally failed smh becoming tmz full of bull dont be so quick to report smh

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    We all got trolled HARD. But don’t worry…Andrew ^ called Nike HQ. lol

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    Roberto Morera

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    Romeo Xavier Hernandez all hype they took it down so no one knows anything …glad I got mine lol

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    they will be mine lol

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    nicekicks footlocker is there a price yet?

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    nicekicks footlocker the resale club is already readying there bots lol

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    nicekicks footlocker are they releasing on as well or only

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    Bruce Lei

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    Need to cop

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    Ugly ass shoes!

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    Releaae date ok. Any retail tag?

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  • Ejay Cruz

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    nicekicks footlocker now y’all see a lot of hypes selling the Gamma 11’s, 3Lab5, and Taxi 12’s for those lmao

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    Tarmac Nomad

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    No sir

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    doughdaddi6 how much is those jawns I need them

  • doughdaddi6

    3Tmac3 think $250

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    What’s the retail??

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    Ronald Moran sell them to bsales haha

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    LMAO,Everybody wants to buy “Bots” now!!!

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    Semir Badic

  • Yliana Palmer

    Red is my favorite color, but these don’t appeal to me…..sorry Jeezy not a fan of these.

  • Andrea LaMerda Cocchi

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    Ademé De la Vallée

  • Eddie Khanthavong


  • Eddie Khanthavong


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    How much?

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    Yliana don’t apologize to Jeezy he has nothing to do with this

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    Anybody know what’s the smallest size they run in?

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    Lucio Luna

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    These shoes are supa wack

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    Putain il me la faut !

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    OndeckTV Man I think footlocker pulled it down I just looked and it’s gone lol

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    Kearns Bk

  • William Piotrowski

    Web site will go down before the shoe even goes on sale

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    Eren Ergül

  • MCastro420

    nicekicks footlocker stop telling everyone. Lol

  • Daniel Perez

    Sebastian Oddo these will prolly get you an even better return than the corks….hypebeasts will be all over these

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    Can you buy if you live in EU?????

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    Nicholas M. Ramos

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    Daniele Zanetti Jack Righetti Giacomo Villani

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    abutter10 yeah I own those

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    SCED_ yeah I just got that news lol I’ll have a couple computers running botted up

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    Romeo Xavier Hernandez New Update Bitches!!! Online Only

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    Sweet baby Yeezus!!!! What’s the retail tag tho?

  • Azad Yakatally

    Richard Koonge we gotta cop!

  • OndeckTV

    Really_Rett now they sayin it’s online only thru foot locker

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    nicekicks footlocker is there price yet and what sizes will be available

  • Gilbert Escobedo


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    Tristan Justin Rodriguez

  • Tristan Justin Rodriguez

    I know man Robby Rodriguez I’ve been on break at work for the past hour trying to figure out how I’m going to get these

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    nicekicks footlocker

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    Anne Phung I want these

  • Anne Phung

    Robby Rodriguez I was just reading about these! Release date dec 27, online only

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    Only Clowns wear red shoes…I’m just saying!

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    How much?

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    Angel Ortiz!!!!!!!ohhhhhh shiiiiit!!!!

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    how much?

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    Congrats to all resellers

  • SoleTakersResrv

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    Luis J. Mino You about an hour late lmao

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    At the small price of 600$

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    LMAO … Kanye didn’t want his shoes to be high quantity general releases… He leaves Nike and wah lah they’re being released…. Hypebeast beware….

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    nicekicks how much

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    Colton Belcher

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    mannaggia al bambino

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    stayfly94 might have to do it

  • stayfly94

    AntLive_SOAFB going hard lls better bring a north face

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    Really_Rett them gone be impossible to get online smh

  • Luis Francisco Moreno

    Checho Zárate

  • Checho Zárate

    en negro mas masisos(y)

  • Edson Perez

    Everyone says they are ugly or way too expensive yet they will sell out within mins…

  • Really_Rett

    OndeckTV man smfh. The site gonna crash and when it reloads they gonna be sold out we know this shitty plan already lol

  • Cesar L. Calderon

    Alex Pelaez u finna getem?

  • Alex Pelaez

    Cesar L. Calderon you already know man Imma do the impossible for em but I’m hearing a lot about em

  • Jacob Bretherick

    Thomas McGrath

  • Jacinto Perez

    Whoever buys this dumb MF’s shoe is more R-tarded than kanye himself!! Ugly ass shoe!!! Bring back the adidas Kobe 2 if this is what we have to wear.

  • Jose Guerrero

    Christopher Cummings I need these

  • Christopher Cummings

    Never gonna hAppen Jose Guerrero

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    Alain Pierre (o.0) confused

  • Alain Pierre

    Steven Morel what u confused on?

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    Billy Matthews how this gunna happen

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    Justin Welch

  • YellowingSucks

    “Let the games begin!”. Footlocker bots will be developed. Nike employee theft will rise. (higher than it already is) There will be back door deals and a whole lot of “I’m sorry but we’re all out of that size.”(…… Because I hooked my boys up BIATCH!) There will be muggings, fist fights and home invasions for people foolish enough to brag about copping them on Facebook or Twitter. Prepare for the pandemonium that is the Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Red October”.

  • Ryan Shaw

    Nike should sell em for like 50 bux since kanye left and went to adidas lol

  • daniel el grone

    que hijueputas mas chimbas .   uufffff

  • AntLive_SOAFB

    stayfly94 **UPDATE** The Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Red October” will in fact release online via Foot Locker on December 27th.

  • stayfly94

    AntLive_SOAFB “now i gotta hit a lick for these yeezys b”

  • Nathan Sotelo

    Gabe Sotelo

  • Junior Delos Reyes

    Remy Strong you got

  • SoleTakersResrv

    We have reserves on the Yeezy 2, Kobe Prelude Pack, Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blue, 3Lab5 Infrared, and other new releases. If you need new release reserves, contact

  • osnapitzlui

    “nicekicks: The Red October Yeezy 2 release date is official shoe will release online->” _Lamas07 cop or not?

  • _Lamas07

    osnapitzlui nicekicks If you got the money then yeah

  • osnapitzlui

    _Lamas07 nicekicks 245

  • osnapitzlui

    _Lamas07 nicekicks imma get these instead of the gammas

  • Iesha Esha

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  • _Lamas07

    osnapitzlui nicekicks Did they switch to Adidas yet?

  • osnapitzlui

    _Lamas07 nicekicks he did but they planned on releasing these before he left

  • _Lamas07

    osnapitzlui nicekicks Oh but those are nice too

  • Shanon Holmes

    Troy Bird it’s happening lol

  • danthemanhernan

    BrandonCuevas11 nicekicks what I tell u?

  • BrandonCuevas11

    danthemanhernan dude they’re going to be hard af to cop but ima try

  • danthemanhernan

    BrandonCuevas11 well at least it’s a online release so you can do it at home

  • BrandonCuevas11

    danthemanhernan yeah but people are going to set up bots so you have like no chance

  • danthemanhernan

    BrandonCuevas11 program your own bot den

  • BrandonCuevas11

    danthemanhernan no clue how to do that

  • danthemanhernan


  • Jesse Lucev

    Ben Nguyen

  • rufyrvp200

    nicekicks Great kicks!!!!!

  • Rodney Adway

    When they comin out?

  • DAP56

    Here we go. Finally. Then Kanye will go to Adidas and disappear.

  • rufyrvp200

    nicekicks Hey,check it out!!!

  • Sylvain Ulrich

    I’d prefer a white december! @1lostsole

  • MrEtCetera

    This is potentially Ye’s last successful shoe. Now we just sit back and watch.

  • WoahRaf

    osnapitzlui _Lamas07 really gonna ask Alex on shoe advice

  • kicksronfire

    how much are they going for retail price..

  • AlessioKaripidis

    what time is this in belgium? Or where is it 8am?

  • Franz Abanilla

    Dave Paul

  • chamaquitoflash

    Frankie_Cast when dude?

  • Frankie_Cast

    chamaquitoflash the 27th but I don’t if footlocker is trolling us lol

  • Alberto Garcia

    Kanye ain’t even wit nike tho

  • Cécile Guy


  • Vow Hialeahdirty


  • Greg Zen

    J’ai une adresse au states, on se connecte le 27? Mike?

  • Brandon Allen Juezan-Williams


  • HamletAir

    nicekicks lmao

  • seanrose88

    nicekicks no price?

  • scottyxrvc

    nicekicks struggle move?

  • wtpayne90
  • AroldoReyes

    nicekicks say whhuut

  • Junior Styles

    Kevin did have a real pair after all.

  • Matt Grossmann

    Luka Kasalovic

  • Garry Sean Davis

    Anyone know if they sell other colours

  • Luka Kasalovic

    Bro we buying? Matt Grossmann

  • Matt Grossmann

    Lmao I wish Luka Kasalovic

  • elcapo_dre

    nicekicks buying for resale

  • Alex_Hanback

    WatCanBR0WND04U good luck

  • WatCanBR0WND04U

    Alex_Hanback I’m downloading 80 bots on my computer

  • MechE117

    nicekicks Sway had the answers…

  • bumblebeenie

    flintironstag I wish!!

  • Shukri Shuckabeats Muhaxheri

    Beni Salihi huh

  • Albert Ang

    William Choi this one is nice. Size 11 please!

  • William Richards

    Greg Wong

  • Jeremie Hernandez Rubel

    NICe talagA “,,

  • m_payne23

    nicekicks it’s gonna be a madhouse when they release

  • Joshua Dorsey

    Butt ass ooogly

  • Marlon Ovalle

    Valla con Dio people..

  • RubenGonzalez1

    I can’t find these on the foot locker website or on their release calender, can someone tell me where I can find them?

  • Alfonzo M Narciso

    Prim Narciso

  • _johannsanchez

    migueladvincula godfwhey bukas post ko gamma :) jox HAHAHAHA asa pa tayo jan

  • Abdul Muhammad

    Brian David Willert

  • Rosa Paris

    Ugly shoes

  • Charles Hugh Prescott

    Worst shoes eva

  • teshan_w

    deshg so cool

  • deshg

    teshan_w yeah i know. I didnt know if i should get those or the aj1 bred coming out the next day.

  • deshg

    teshan_w ill prob end up getting the jordans as they will be easy to get to

  • teshan_w

    deshg hmm true but the red octobers loo insane but then again u could wait till Sept 2014 for his collection with Adidas

  • Liam Wilson

    Adrien Bedoucha gggrrroooosssss

  • Raj Chana

    Garry Sean Davis they have them in beige and black. But the yeezy’s are so over priced for what they are. As the saying goes…a fool and his money are soon parted. Plenty of fools out there.

  • Garry Sean Davis

    Cheers bredda – how much have u seen em for?

  • King Robbie

    You gotta gave mad style to rock definitely not walkin in the hood alone wit these on unless you strapped ..y’all stupid..if I could cop these I would

  • Garry Sean Davis

    Ok …….

  • Kris Lynch

    this makes me very happy.

  • YellowingSucks

    “Let the games begin!”. Footlocker bots will be developed. Nike employee theft will rise. (higher than it already is) There will be back door deals and a whole lot of “I’m sorry but we’re all out of that size.”(…… Because I hooked my boys up BIATCH!) There will be muggings, fist fights and home invasions for people foolish enough to brag about copping them on Facebook or Twitter. Prepare for the pandemonium that is the Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Red October”.

  • kicksronfire

    agree 100% with YellowingSucks  Footlocker, Footaction, Eastbay are full of crap. 8am I clicked on to get my blue gamma 11 size 6.5  it would not let me purchase, not even add it to the cart. On another  occasion, I went to Footlocker stood on the line 5:30am for the official release of  the Jordan 12 “taxi”. Footlocker employers brought the sizes first, their friends got dibbs an their friends got dibbs, by the time they came to the line, the only ones that was getting sneakers was men with size 11 and bigger and crib sneakers. its a sham.. Then u have the side stores selling size  6.5 for 200 and better. As each day goes by  the price increase.

  • Lyn Sosnicki

    Jason I can just see those on your feet!

  • Steve Alexander Valladares

    I Really Don’t care =)

  • Khalil Gilliam

    Jalen F. Grandchamps

  • Jalen F. Grandchamps

    knew about this already, its online only

  • Twerk Hitastain Russell

    Don’t nobody want them shits. .

  • jordonw99

    nicekicks footlocker omfg gonna be impossible Tysosa_

  • Tysosa_

    jordonw99 nicekicks footlocker OH MY JESUS

  • SheldonTheKid

    nicekicks footlocker how much will they be

  • Rodknee Dayvis

    Quixotes Keesee, its timeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Butta Buttion

    Manii Dtb

  • David Goodrich

    not to good

  • Kiki Babeface Shavonne

    wat tha hell?!?

  • Alan Wang

    Daniel Au-Yeung get me one

  • Se Young Kim

    HanJun Kee Min Kim

  • deshg

    teshan_w saturday hopefully ill have my bred aj1s

  • Tmizzle Mack

    nawl ..

  • juliexgoldie

    WarrenSnapp Air yeezy’s on my site comes with yeezy bag + free shipping

  • juliexgoldie

    Russ_Mac876 Air yeezy’s on my site comes with yeezy bag + free shipping

  • SneekaHead

    kicksronfire YellowingSucks I agree 10000000% this is some BS!!!! I was on Finishline Eastbay and Footlocker sites on three diff PC’s and still couldn’t get the gamma blue’s. Then EVERBODY AND THEY MOMMA GOT A “PLUG”… Employee’s shouldnt be able to purchase the shoes for anyone not even themselves before the PATRONS that BAD BUSINESS! The shoes are 185.00 (gamma 11’s) I’m not paying 300, 400, 500, or 600 for them. I’m not in the business of making other people rich, or being taxed heavily just because some 10 per hr jacka$$ wants to make a profit, get a real job and save these retail jobs for the teenangers and college students they were made for!!!

  • SuperiorLex

    @juliexgoldie would you have a size 15 and 6.5 on the site?

  • Mattbaines777

    Fake @russ_mac876

  • MrsElliott

    On my birthday i will be ordering them!

  • rickytvpia

    johnnykay100 hahahahahaha

  • mpcmeesh

    nicekicks im trying

  • 1ChosenOne2214

    nicekicks how much they dropping for?

  • ThatWacoDude254

    nicekicks nope…they’re trash!

  • __caamm

    nicekicks there not coming out call footlocker

  • dr_mario_XXX

    nicekicks Hell no. I think it’s the fugliness that’s stopping me.

  • chedda7

    nicekicks yall need to update the site these aint droppin no more..

  • thundagod187

    nicekicks maybe for $125

  • Jareds11111

    Selling Yeezy footlocker bots 75$ paypal only.  Comes with instruction video.  Worked on Gammas.

  • Cesar L. Calderon

    Alex Pelaez if u get em u goin America’s most wanted lol

  • this niga

    @chedda7 nicekicks bs, they still are

  • chosenone0219

    SneekaHead kicksronfire YellowingSucks  First of all, eastbay and finishline have the worst server, they cannot support for the high Internet traffic volume.  I purchased the AJ11 GAMMA BLUE on, I couldn’t add them to cart at the beginning, but I eventually added them to the cart successfully, but waited for like 2 hours in the line for submitting payment. You should be patient on these stuffs when they are released online, or you won’t get them,

  • TrentDavis

    these should be called hypebeast cus only hypebeasts getting these

  • TrentDavis

    SneekaHead kicksronfire YellowingSucks go threw the twitter link for you have a better chance but yea eastbay. finshline. and footlocker are BS even Jordan himself is BS and is greedy for money no matter what

  • kicksronfire

    chosenone0219 How many times you clicked and waited.. I have a high speed internet connection and it still wasn’t going thru..

  • kicksronfire

    TrentDavis thank you I will def try that, when I went on it was only showing me men sizes..

  • kicksronfire

    SneekaHead agree 100% man the game is all F’ed up.. I see videos and pics of ppl fighting its just promotion for nike to keep on doing what it does..

  • kicksronfire

    Footlocker site does not even have it up that they are selling the Yeezy 2. Why aren’t there more sites selling these sneakers. Footlocker internet server cannot support the demand.. Footlocker server needs an upgrade..

  • Dirtybird28

    kicksronfire They have the worst site of all the major sites. Finishline and Nike blow them out of the water. I’m kind of disappointed.

  • AngelLebron

    how much will they be?

  • kicksronfire

    AngelLebron retail price anywhere from 215 to 230.

  • Zhu Chunxia


  • SoleTakersResrv

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