Screaming yuletide, Reebok rolls out the “Coca Cola”-themed Pump Fury HLS. Red rules on the complex upper, bringing the silhouette’s jarring design together and establishing solidarity. A change-up, though, comes in the form of underlying sections bearing a wavy, striped pattern. Also, a contrasting white midsole underles the shoe in stark white. With only 400 pairs set to drop of this limited edition Reebok Pump Fury, mark your calendar for December 22, when you can cop them at ZOZOTOWN.


Source: High Snobiety

  • Benedict Tan

    Felix Chen

  • Jun Anthony Anat

    Jason Gutierrez bagay syo 2..

  • Andre Alvarado

    Just for the simple fact that I collect COCA cola stuff and drink it like water. ..I’ll buy them…wouldn’t wear them though

  • Felix Chen


  • Alice16180859

    nicekicks hell no

  • FarahClan

    nicekicks NAWWWW

  • VB_Tarzan

    nicekicks hell nawl

  • aiellony71

    nicekicks those are hit

  • LarryFresh

    nicekicks looks worse than the Cliff Paul argyll id option

  • ClayShorts

    IAmYoungPK nicekicks nah

  • NickDiBartolo

    MAYN_attraction nicekicks They look like candy cane sketchers

  • KRITtaughtME

    nicekicks I would if they actually went up to a size 14

  • FlareTheFloozY

    nicekicks: Are u digging this “Coca Cola” themed Reebok Pump Fury?” seen yungdev414 in dees

  • JesussavedSia

    nicekicks hypnotizing candy cane =] str8 lol

  • MAYN_attraction

    NickDiBartolo nicekicks HHAHAHAA YES

  • SitBack_AndWait

    CokeBoy_Keezy Reebok has gone to far

  • NickDiBartolo

    MAYN_attraction nicekicks lmao the second I saw that picture I thought of that

  • CokeBoy_Keezy

    SitBack_AndWait aha hell yeah. A couple of dumbasses gone buy em just to buy em. Wouldn’t catch em on my feet b lol

  • SitBack_AndWait

    CokeBoy_Keezy hell nah come around me talking bout Merry Christmas and they the present Uh straight to the trash b lol

  • CokeBoy_Keezy

    SitBack_AndWait Lols u crazy bro. But I would slick give em to a crackhead and tell em merry Christmas

  • SitBack_AndWait

    CokeBoy_Keezy ahh lol I would give em to good will

  • CokeBoy_Keezy

    SitBack_AndWait oh I might do that lol

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    nicekicks ewww


    nicekicks nah

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    nikkibaugh97 nicekicks too_JENNArous we need to do something about this

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    makcorbett10 nicekicks too_JENNArous I agree with these ones haha