Air Jordan 11 “Gamma Blue” Unboxing

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As far as sneaker enthusiasts worldwide are concerned, Christmas has become synonymous with the Air Jordan 11, at least since 2008. 2013 is primed to follow suit with the release of the Air Jordan 11 “Gamma Blue” coming this weekend. Circulating in the rumor mill since the last 11 drop, the “Gamma Blue” has finally arrived in the flesh right on time. As arguably the biggest release of the year, we couldn’t wait to give you a closer look at the all-new colorway of possibly the most beloved signature sneaker in this week’s edition of the Nice Kicks Unboxing.

The Air Jordan 11 “Gamma Blue” will be available at your local Jordan retailers, and of course at the Nice Kicks Shop in Austin, TX this Saturday, December 21, for $185. Will you be grabbing them up? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. AbeRenteria

    Changing it up with the colorways keep it moving,OG colorways will always be a high priority for most Sneaker Heads,but variety helps as well.Glad I got mine copped

  2. D3rrtydarun

    Weak keep the OG colorways comin wont be standing in the cold fa this shoes plus everyone has it already #wacksauce


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    chrismackerr at yah00 dot com

  4. reemboss

    Entered 2 drafts at the mall if they don’t tmw and tell me I won, I will be online with my fingers crossed!

  5. Kaleb Paz

    Matt Grover maybe he wanted to buy these to dress nice with! You don’t by basketball shoes for just basketball you wear them usually to look classy

  6. Troy Durgan

    Buddy said you wear basketball shoes to look classy?? Haha might be one of the dumbest things I’ve every heard.

  7. James Child

    We got them don’t miss out email us today!
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    AJ 11 “Gamma Blue” $374.99
    Air Jordan XI (GS)
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  8. PunIshHerBlk

    my son & me are camping out for them &” having wife, daughter , friend on line for them.Now u tell me if i”am going to cop tem

  9. Craig Sneaker-King Robinson

    Honestly this isn’t wat I expected I was lookin for a icy sole. Rather then a ashy royal sole. I will stick with Nike brand until Jordan can get better designers.

  10. kicksronfire

    agree 100% with  Footlocker, Footaction, Eastbay are full of crap. 8am I clicked on to get my blue gamma 11 size 6.5  it would not let me purchase, not even add it to the cart. On another  occasion, I went to Footlocker stood on the line 5:30am for the official release of  the Jordan 12 “taxi”. Footlocker employers brought the sizes first, their friends got dibbs an their friends got dibbs, by the time they came to the line, the only ones that was getting sneakers was men with size 11 and bigger and crib sneakers. its a sham.. Then u have the side stores selling size  6.5 for 200 and better. As each day goes by  the price increase.

  11. kicksronfire

    why do u spend 2 minutes talking about he box, f the box I wanna know about the sneaker.. wasting my time..

  12. Lukasz Cien

    I still an have access to all sizes from US 7 to US 15, European distribution, payment via PayPal, I can put auction on ebay if buyer wants to feel safe. Shipment from Europe, 350 USD per pair. Feel free to contact me:

    Currently in my possession: size: US 9, US 9,5 ,US 10,5, US 11 but as I said before I STILL CAN GET ANY SIZE, 100% AUTHENTIC WITH RECIPE

  13. kicksronfire

    AaronWatkins those are either grade b or replicas..  not 100% authentic . Jordan come out with limited edition most of those sneakers Nike do not restock.. I’ve been into sneakers for years. I know the business..

  14. AaronWatkins

    kicksronfireAaronWatkins the bubble is green.. camera flash is always the culprit… Nike also Has A supplier list that changes every Quarter Giving the contact information to every Factory it uses, I have the complete list, but only sell footwear.. here is a apparel factory minus the contact information

    EAGLE NICE (YIFENG) GARMENTS CO., LTD Region: Greater China
    Product Type Nike, Inc. Brand(s) Events Total Workers Line Workers % Female Workers % Migrant Workers Subcons
    APPAREL NIKE 2154 1840 93.0% 0.0%

    only giving you this info because we dont sell apparel
     If you have access to this info, along with affiliates with authorized Nike accounts you can do what we do…So… As I was saying Has everything you need visit Us today!

  15. JayNelly

    I have the gamma blue 11 and 12s for great prices all shoes 100% authentic. Have 3lab5s tavis and many other. Text 1-773-870-1799

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