Nike LeBron 11 “Ohio State” PEs

Now that LeBron James is getting comfortable in his eleventh signature sneaker, the model is trickling down to the college hardwood. After the University of Florida revealed their Gator PEs, the Buckeyes have now posted a first look at their Nike LeBron 11 “Ohio State” PEs. With two new pairs in contrasting colorways, the current top-5 team from Columbus is going to have the sneakers to match their play. One half of the duo is a matte pair in all-red with a white Swoosh, while the other features the pulsing pattern that has recently been spotted. Tell us what you think of the colorways in the feedback box underneath, and watch for Ohio State Hoops to bring out these new makeups in the immediate feature in College Kicks On Court.


  1. ItsYaBoyX_ says:

    JuwanMcGee4 them hoes live

  2. OGJordansOnly says:

    Big deal! Show me six rings first then ill consider considering giving LeBone James the time of day

  3. davit34 says:


  4. Jesse Thompson says:

    hell no

  5. Adam Donald says:


  6. Rafael Pineda says:

    Why isn’t the check backwards?

  7. Buff Trower says:

    The kick on the left is dope!

  8. Roderick Pleasant says:

    Matt Wynne

  9. Swisher Price says:


  10. CaliforniaLA says:

    Because these are the LeBron 11s. The 10s had the backwards swoosh.

  11. Johnathan Bobby Theinfluence says:

    Left one is tuff

  12. Jayvon Moore says:


  13. Samuel Shumate says:

    the ones on the left>>>

  14. Jose Carlos says:

    hell no

  15. Tommy Brown says:

    Danielle Castle

  16. OGJordansOnly says:

    @DanielSavage you must be what? 16 years old? I pity you for not being able to truly WITNESS MJ’s greatness. Unless youve actually understand the legend, you will never appreciate the shoes. Again, show me six rings then lets talk again.

  17. Saunaaa_ says:

    nicekicks disgusting

  18. ari_heinemann says:

    nicekicks all lebron 11′s are ugly

  19. PariisToms says:

    nicekicks H_Hossame chaussures de clowns mon frère

  20. H_Hossame says:

    “PariisToms: nicekicks H_Hossame chaussures de clowns mon frère” il ne connaît pas les bails de lebron jcrois JazzyFsa