Supra Introduces the Red Skytop IV

The go-to tone of the year appears in robust fashion on the latest offering of the Supra Skytop IV. Dressed in red suede, the holiday version of the Skytop IV features a removable shroud that wraps around the ankles and collar for added range of wear and depth. A ribbed tongue bares styling similar to the shroud, while padded mesh lining caters to comfort. SUPRAFOAM is featured in the midsole, playing to the performance side of this high-fashion design by Chad Muska. Look for this all-red Supra Skytop IV to launch on December 24th at Supra.

Supra Skytop IV

December 24, 2013

Supra Skytop IV Red

Supra Skytop IV Red

Supra Skytop IV Red

Supra Skytop IV Red

Supra Skytop IV Red

Supra Skytop IV Red


  1. iname says:

    Red Decembers

  2. Sawcasm says:

    nicekicks can they bite the yeezys any harder?

  3. LiamCrashed says:

    nicekicks Drop… Its gone all downhill from the original.

  4. 4TBaines says:

    nicekicks Yeezy got the like … “Get like me”

  5. GooseTheGreek says:

    nicekicks wanna b yeezys

  6. Alfonso_Alonzo says:

    nicekicks Fake Yeezy’s

  7. nocoppowackomang says:

    Should have made it orange low with green top then called them Kyle’s.

  8. SerialSneakerCj says:

    nicekicks drop.

  9. elitee2003 says:

    nicekicks drop

  10. randyacabrera says:

    nicekicks they look like chimera’s mixed w/ the hammr’s

  11. AdamDeFresh says:

    hahahahahahahahahahaha F the red october…….these are tight

  12. dreuft says:

    maybe but the skytop are available not just a fantasy