Air Jordan 11 “Gamma Blue” Official Images

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The pièce de résistance of the 2014 holidays is officially here, and it is known as the Air Jordan 11 “Gamma Blue.” With black used as a base, the upper vibes perfectly with the toned down aesthetic of the season, underscored by a coinciding black midsole. Translucence takes its rightful place on the outsole in a deeper-than-normal tint of blue, while varsity maize and gamma blue touch upon choice spots over the upper. Situated as the Jordan Brand holiday flagship release of 2013, what are your thoughts on the Jordan 11 being re-introduced in all-new colorways? If you intend on picking up the Gamma Blue 11s, December 21 is the date to mark on your calendar when this Air Jordan 11 releases, selling for $185.

Air Jordan 11 Retro “Gamma Blue”

Color: Black/Gamma Blue-Black-Varsity Maize
Release Date: December 21, 2013
Style #: 378037-006
Price: $185

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90 Comments on "Air Jordan 11 “Gamma Blue” Official Images"

  1. Adam Drapala

    yay another pair of 11’s that most people who want them wont get! I’m not even going to try to get a pair. Instead I’m going to get another pair of Saint Laurent’s.

  2. Maykel Modelo

    I wish i could have you also..!damm..jordan shoes should be release every month not every week..just got my jordan 12 taxi money no jordan . Thats too bad…

  3. OGJordansOnly

    Whats the hype about? Cant you see that nike just invented this colorway just so that they can continue their annual december release of j12’s? They had a great run with the OGs… Jordan brand should have quit while they were ahead! Desperate move!And the sad part is, All you idiots are falling for it! Ang tatanga ninyo,! Mga uto-uto!

  4. shoejesus

    OGJordansOnlyMaybe before you make such a huge rant about a shoe you shouldnt make a typo….idiot? Point waisted

  5. shoejesus

    OGJordansOnly Maybe before you make such a huge rant about a shoe you shouldnt make a typo….idiot? Point waisted

  6. shoejesus

    OGJordansOnlyWouldn’t expect somebody to like or understand a shoe that they cant even properely type their complaint about LOL. Guarantee many people will enjoy the extra pair of JB12s LOL. Wrong weekend pal

  7. OGJordansOnly

    Youre the idiot idiot! This is a post about j11 gammas! Why will i make a comment about j12’s on purpose? Dumbass.

  8. shoejesus

    OGJordansOnlyDeep breaths guy……your hate for shoes reflects on your posts.  people come to this site because of their love for shoes.  They actually have knowledge of the shoes they post about. Good luck with your shoe hate issues.  Im sure their are a couple releases that you can grab in future that you wont hate on.

  9. Nosaj Kire Rellim

    They’re nice but I can’t stand the shoe game.. Rather spend a couple hundred on some Gucci kicks. At least I know if I like something it’ll be available..


    For those who are tired on missing all the online releases from and footlocker east bay champs, hit me up and i can help you out.

    chrismackerr at yah00 dot com

  11. kicksronfire

    Footlocker, Footaction, Eastbay are full of crap. 8am I clicked on to get my blue gamma 11 size 6.5  it would not let me purchase, not even add it to the cart. On another  occasion, I went to Footlocker stood on the line 5:30am for the official release of  the Jordan 12 “taxi”. Footlocker employers brought the sizes first, their friends got dibbs an their friends got dibbs, by the time they came to the line, the only ones that was getting sneakers was men with size 11 and bigger and crib sneakers. its a sham.. Then u have the side stores selling size  6.5 for 200 and better. As each day goes by  the price increase. Mom and pop stores are selling  the gamma for $230 and better for a size 6.5.. ridiculous.. men size $350 and better. This is what the sneaker game is now.. sooner or later the Headlines in the news and on T.V. will be reporting someone killing someone for these kicks. This is not just black ppl wanting these, these are Asians, White, etc.

  12. Lukasz Cien

    I still an have access to all sizes from US 7 to US 15, European distribution, payment via PayPal, I can put auction on ebay if buyer wants to feel safe. Shipment from Europe, 350 USD per pair. Feel free to contact me:

    Currently in my possession: size: US 9, US 9,5 ,US 10,5, US 11 but as I said before I STILL CAN GET ANY SIZE, 100% AUTHENTIC WITH RECIPE

  13. dezzie79

    Funny months ahead of this release all I heard was fools passing on these and gammas were some of the hardest 11’s to cop breds were so much easier smh

  14. kicksronfire

    dezzie79  that’s how the game goes, ppl really didn’t want these until they seen others going hard for these, then they wanted it. It makes it hard for true sneaker fans because u have those just copping to cop and not really wanting them, or those copping so they can tell others u aint up on these.. The game is all F’ed

  15. kicksronfire

    AdamDeFresh why are the bottom sole clear icy blue, their darker in color.. a lot of these stores that’s pre releasing them are selling B authentic’s. Personally If I’m buying  and paying more than retail price I want them to be perfect..

  16. kicksronfire AdamDeFresh It may be the way my cam picked them up, usually we never do pre releases because well “you never know” but we got these with a reciept, and had them checked out by “authenticators” (if thats a word lol) before we made the vid.  I do suspect the same thing with them, i should be receiving my pair strait from today, where we will meticulously compare, and possibly do a “early vs release day” video depending on differences.  Its crazy these days how many variations of a shoe can exist, that’s why i always recommend getting them strait from a retailer.

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