The list of released, non-OG Air Jordan 11 Mids is a short one. While the “Cool Greys” caught fire twice, the “Silver Anniversary” celebration stands alone as the only other retro+ AJ11 release with no ties to a ‘95 sighting or “Concord” inspired color blocking. Enter the Air Jordan 11 “Gamma Blue”. Entirely original in the sense of being new, this 2013 take on the patent leather legend pulls from a timely palette for the holiday season. Gamma blue accents speak to the hue of the moment, while an otherwise blacked out aesthetic proves more winter ready than previous pairs. Take a look at detailed photos of the Air Jordan 11 “Gamma Blue” above and let us know if these are a cop or drop for you.


Color: Black/Gamma Blue-Black-Varsity Maize
Style #: 378037-006
Release Date: December 21, 2013
Price: $185

Enter to win a pair of Gamma Blue 11s via our Gamma Blue Jordan 11 Giveaway!

Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blue

Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blue

Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blue

Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blue

Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blue

Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blue


  • RobyGotStyle

    nicekicks I’m copping

  • iareREBEL

    nicekicks Listen to this!!!!!!

  • DickWhitman

    definitely a must cop!

  • RealengoNarciso

    nicekicks u guys taking phone orders for gamma 11s on satuday? What time?

  • mineisbiggerthanyours

    easy pass for me

  • SoleTakersResrv

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  • Leung Wai Lok

    boring and ugly. AJs are still hype just only be cox of Jordan’s name…sigh

  • Chien Cang Chen

    Yo Cheng Chou

  • bigrich0272

    They give out arm bands

  • Doug Phillips

    My god how many times are we gonna see posts with these? I’m already tired of hearing about them and they aren’t even out yet

  • Kirk Newman

    Hype! Like the millionth post about these…next!

  • Michael Sandeffer

    How do you expect a new colorway not be hyped? ?? Stick to green glows and bel air’s you beast. …these are dope

  • Ryan Veach

    Rigged system

  • Ronnie Magsombol


  • Maiky Epi


  • Alexander William O’Neal

    That 23 is lop sided

  • dallas_z

    Definite cop!! Won a raffle for my ticket yesterday

  • bigrich0272

    I got drafted thru Finishline have fun inline

  • bigrich0272

    U mad huh lol

  • Ric Spoon Sonza

    Neil Villaruel

  • Dylan Bradle

    Brad Goldman…….sploosh!

  • President Ward

    Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam” in 2014. NO HYPE!

  • Arjay Yu

    Midsole already creased up tho

  • handsumdevil

    UncleJ77 I’m just not feelin those

  • UncleJ77

    handsumdevil me neither but I’m rare never ever brought a pair of XI’s I don’t like the whole model

  • Alex Perez

    am i the only one who thinks they look like a memphis griz colorway?

  • solesearch101

    nicekicks to be honest with you, I’m not really hyped on these Gammas as much as I am anticipating the Bred 1’s to drop after Xmas.

  • bbeardwealth

    I know I’m copping all the Js in 2014 since I’ll be bringing in $2000-$10000 a week as a gamer..PEOPLE you gotta check this out & join

  • iJohnnyJB

    nicekicks the toe box looks so much better on these than in some of the previous XI retros

  • Dude_deejay

    “nicekicks: Detailed photos of the Air Jordan 11 “Gamma Blue” ->” sexiest pair of jays

  • Denning0218

    “nicekicks: Detailed photos of the Air Jordan 11 “Gamma Blue” ->”

  • KNuw

    “nicekicks: Detailed photos of the Air Jordan 11 “Gamma Blue” ->” my one and only Gamma RT..

  • Brendajynx

    nicekicks will you be able to call and order the shoes?


    LBgotSOLE them 12s hot tho trust….

  • A_Smooveeeee

    “nicekicks: Detailed photos of the Air Jordan 11 “Gamma Blue” ->”

  • Mitchell_24_

    nicekicks hella sick!

  • SoleTakersResrv

    We have reserves on the Kobe Prelude Pack, Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blue, 3Lab5 Infrared, and other new releases. If you need new release reserves, contact

  • MontgomeryHill

    MontSlaw keep seeing them for about $400 though

  • PowerTrippin

    Like you weren’t around to see the hype of the Breds, Concords or the Space Jams… Smh

  • MontSlaw

    MontgomeryHill space jams..;)??

  • Michael Colobong Yaplag

    I got me one of those :)

  • CHeenaWooWoo

    “nicekicks: Don’t miss our detailed photos of the “Gamma Blue” Air Jordan 11s ->” man I can’t wait!

  • Lexter von Reyes

    How much sir?

  • Anthony Passley

    They are out already

  • TheMadness24

    nicekicks may cop them or may not.

  • Ryan Veach

    Just stop posting pics of these damn Gamma 11s. The whole ticket process was rigged except for Finish Line. Why even advertise these when they’re all going out the back doors and the employees don’t even want u to have them.

  • Daniel Russo


  • http://Shawtii Shawtii123

    Where can I get the tickets for the shoes???!

  • Elden_Coleman14

    nicekicks me ha

  • StivesRGrant

    “nicekicks: Who is counting down the days?” I am !

  • hrivera1569

    nicekicks I am

  • Bsace_

    nicekicks not me bruh.

  • BlunttAssRiah

    nicekicks 11’s

  • PowerTrippin

    Too late bud, most retailers did their ticket system draws on Sunday.

  • Rogerschou

    nicekicks herehere

  • ColdLikeRon

    “nicekicks: Who is counting down the days?” Lil_Amriri

  • RamiroB5

    nicekicks I am lol, i wish, i NEED those J’s. I already got the Concords, but the Gamma Blue are dope. Also, it match the color of my team!

  • chevyracer243

    nicekicks been counting down for months…

  • OGBXButta

    nicekicks I’m waiting

  • zachcalogeras

    nicekicks I am!!!

  • shoejesus


  • shoejesus

    President WardCome on man not Space Jam. First JB 11 with a black mid. Space Jam had a white mid

  • Sinisa_Vincic

    macdaddyedday nicekicks gay bro

  • shoejesus

    My guy is hot. I feel him. Everybody coming out of the woodwork for these.  Cats we havent seen all year. Just because everybody is telling them to

  • Sinisa_Vincic

    macdaddyedday nicekicks those shoes !!!

  • Khan1992Faisal

    nicekicks 😀

  • AZCardinalsFTW

    nicekicks I am for these!

  • Keys2theBenz24

    Handsome_Virgo awww you are so sweet getting me a Christmas gift lol

  • keymoney215

    LongLive_David we shall see young Jedi

  • Handsome_Virgo

    Keys2theBenz24 lol haha nice one getting me some hopefully

  • Keys2theBenz24

    Handsome_Virgo you are a terrible friend Lawrence!

  • Handsome_Virgo

    Keys2theBenz24 best friend you ever had

  • Keys2theBenz24

    Handsome_Virgo uh uh you be dissing me for yrs at a time!

  • Handsome_Virgo

    Keys2theBenz24 naw i dont thats you always mad at me

  • Keys2theBenz24

    Handsome_Virgo lies

  • Handsome_Virgo

    Keys2theBenz24 truth

  • Tan_Bueno

    nicekicks andrew_pazzz yess.. I got ? tickets from footlocker and champs!! I hope i get called

  • macdaddyedday

    Sinisa_Vincic nicekicks stop……

  • Keys2theBenz24

    Handsome_Virgo since when?

  • Handsome_Virgo

    Keys2theBenz24 since forever you know you do sometimes

  • selliexo

    raaycastillojr GROSS

  • JBrowning_BC

    nicekicks myotherbro u will be wearing these w your work shorts, i assume. Still not as cool as my indoor/outdoor slippers. #toughbreak

  • myotherbro

    JBrowning_BC wear as my slippers on very select occasions #glorious #uloveit

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  • Connor_Gilson

    nicekicks BSangiolo gay

  • Connor_Gilson

    nicekicks BSangiolo gayyy

  • djrbarwela

    nicekicks shyt im counting. Bit idk why im gettn dem fosho. Hands down

  • AdamDeFresh

  • KOBE_son21

    nicekicks need em

  • pvinny77

    nicekicks I need these 11’s!! 10.5

  • NYFBarbershop

    nicekicks can’t wait

  • MissyLYNEwright

    beefynoodle nicekicks yes! I want them!

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  • ajtalk

    Got 1 from nice quality, will buy again.

  • TrillKickz

    The most trusted email for the stock on this shoe.

  • TrillKickz

    623-383-7620 reselling text me for more info !!!