Due to drop as a Christmas classic, the Air Jordan 11 “Gamma Blue” is seen in detail. Black based, the upper comes correct, perfectly vibing with the toned down aesthetic of the season with a coinciding black midsole. The translucent outsole takes on a deeper tint of blue, while varsity maize and gamma blue touch upon choice spots over the upper. Pegged as the Jordan Brand Christmastime release of 2013, what are your thoughts on the Jordan 11 being re-introduced in all-new colorways? If you intend on picking the Gamma Blue 11s up, December 21 is the date to mark on your calendar when this Air Jordan 11 releases, retailing for $185.

Air Jordan 11 “Gamma Blue”

Color: Black/Gamma Blue-Black-Varsity Maize
Style #: 378037-006
Release Date: December 21, 2013
Price: $185

Want a pair of Gamma Blue 11s?  Enter to win a pair at our Gamma Blue Jordan 11 Giveaway!






  • BoKing87

    nicekicks JoeySandersNY these are dope man

  • The_Parks2929

    nicekicks I need it in my life! (juviethegreat voice)


    kewats It’s an Annual thing! Some Will get shot or Stabbed… Hell maybe both! Folks don’t know how 2 act!

  • kewats

    ASKYOMOMMA1 sad. All that for some damn shoes.

  • YellowingSucks

    Shouldve gave these a better name.

  • Kenny Lemos

    Jason Martinez get me the hook on these bro

  • Ashley Minner

    I cant wait.

  • Xtoff John

    John Louie Ruben

  • Loud Mdera


  • JD Martin

    Abram these are cold as ice homie!!! You feelin em?

  • James Iskarous

    Ragy Stefan

  • Joshua Smith

    So glad i got the finish line ticket for these. 100% Heat.

  • Irwin Vang

    Getting theses..

  • David Wrightson III

    Okay I could do those

  • Romeo Dutcher


  • Justin Dorsey

    and way over hyped

  • Alex Aguirre

    Tamara Aguirre I want

  • Justin O’neal

    Fire but definitely hype.

  • Rhory Blackmore


  • Jared Pyle

    I’m getting these, but 185 is too much.

  • Kenny Raymond

    hot like fire

  • Alex Hood

    I already have these. Tons of people already do.

  • Niko Frieri

    How do you get them before the release date??

  • Mookie Williams

    A store just tried to charge me $450…he must be crazy

  • Jason Martinez

    What size? Kenny Lemos

  • Kenny Lemos


  • Ato Campbell

    Hope nobody die over these

  • Rigo Revuelta

    When they coming out

  • L’amour Pfffffff la soufferance
  • Jair Chavez

    did u get the reserve ticket bro? or raffle?

  • Ryan Pittman

    I must have ASAP

  • momentoftru

    Ehhh. Pass. RT nicekicks Peep additional photos of the Air Jordan 11 “Gamma Blue” http://t.co/5jj6NRTdjc

  • B_nn_tt

    nicekicks wish there were as many 11s as there are pics of the 11s

  • Joseph Munoz

    Nando Chiu-Do

  • Nando Chiu-Do

    Joseph Munoz I’m getting them and. My brother

  • Joseph Munoz

    put it down!!!

  • Nando Chiu-Do

    Joseph Munoz yup!!!

  • Lee Darby


  • Darren Love Nba

    Gonna get them in footlocker but it seems that whenever I try to get a nice kick like Jordan 5’s , it’ll be sold out within a minute or two

  • Collis Hinds

    Courtney Hinds Shellon Ann-alicia Luke Addie Carrington bday gift?

  • Redyi M Kahukom

    Ive been waitin for this…..supalike

  • Jesse Skillz

    thoes are my shoes looking tight ass f#@k.. all day

  • Marlon Magat

    cop 1 dis wk nd….

  • Kevin Clary

    I’m dreaming of u right now gamma

  • Gmen2022

    I live in Syracuse ny, I took day off of work and tried 2 different foot lockers and champs!!!! With no luck!! I’d love any suggestions or tips on how to cop these. I’ll even given a finders fee.

  • Vulcan1027

    if i cant cop them imma prob get the bred 1s

  • CaryHatManKing

    Gmen2022 i work at the nike factory email me kingcary12gmail.com

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  • Wincy Bambi Winb

    what’s between AJ11 or AJ11s mention above..?

  • SoleTakersResrv

    We have reserves on the Kobe Prelude Pack, Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blue, 3Lab5 Infrared, and other new releases. If you need new release reserves, contact SoleTakersReserve@gmail.com

  • http://www.youtube.com/TheSneakerRoom AdamDeFresh

    Heres our video review of a retail pair of the Gamma 11!!!

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    I have Shoe in stock email me

  • https://m.facebook.com/MoFitsLessPrice TrillKickz

    623-383-7620 reselling text me for more info !!!