Kevin Durant‘s signature sneaker for Christmas 2013 has officially been revealed. Ringing in the holidays, the Nike KD VI “Christmas” is red like Rudolph’s nose. This festive KD VI uses a glossy red upper as a base, accented by lighter and refreshing hues throughout. Metallic gold paints the large forefoot Swoosh and heel KD stamp, while green glow tints a majority of the midsole. Detailing comes in the form of Fair Isle style Christmas sweater pattern composed of trees, stripes, and Durant’s number 35 subtly etched into the medial panel. Christmas plaid is used on the inner lining, and a special KD ornament lace lock puts on the final touch. Give us your feedback on the latest Durantula holiday sneakers in the comment section, and get the Nike KD VI “Christmas” when it becomes available to the masses in limited quantities on December 26th for $130.

Nike KD VI “Christmas”

Light Crimson/Metallic Gold-Green Glow
December 26, 2013





  • BodeyLoc11

    nicekickscekicks: Nike KD VI “Chri”

  • 5_stelly

    Harder than those Kobe’s also “nicekicks: Nike KD VI “Christmas””

  • LikeMike223

    nicekicks Will these Christmas KD’s actually drop this year?


    nicekicks kill’em!

  • SmoovDude703

    nicekicks Icy!!!

  • Crash_Crowder

    EliSilvers nicekicks when do those drop?

  • nicekicks

    Crash_Crowder 12/26

  • _WHOMikeJones

    CP3_OVOXO nicekicks ewwww

  • EliSilvers

    Crash_Crowder Idk, you’re the one that should know that!

  • Mondkeyboy06

    SpiceJr see they’re going w/ mint green look this year. This his 1st Christmas shoe w/ the actual colors right?

  • phresh585

    Them dope“tHats_TB: “phresh585: nicekickss: Nike KD VI “Christmas”””son”


    _WHOMikeJones I don’t even like kd’s but those are so ill !

  • Ready4ThaWorldd

    handsomeNcocky why did you put these on my TL? I’m trying to stop buying so many sneakers

  • _WHOMikeJones

    CP3_OVOXO I’d rock em forreal.

  • jrosvp

    nicekicks so Nike is releasing Christmas kicks.. After Christmas? Wanted to wear with an ugly sweater.

  • Crash_Crowder

    EliSilvers I only know what they release and nicekicks just tweeted and told me so I’m good lol.

  • InAntWeTrust

    nicekicks such a dope colorway for such an ugly shoe.

  • Crash_Crowder

    nicekicks gotta get those. Appreciate it.


    Bklyn_Scholar buy me those kds ;))

  • Ready4ThaWorldd

    handsomeNcocky tell me they haven’t dropped yet..

  • SpadeTheVillain

    nicekicks JGaines_91 just might get those…. Them hoes iccy??

  • handsomeNcocky

    Ready4ThaWorldd it ain’t Christmas yet. Lol

  • xImperfectGirl

    Dee_Lawless nicekicks omgosh ! I love those

  • Ready4ThaWorldd

    handsomeNcocky duh Que lOl

  • TySoGeeked12

    Grvdy nicekicks it’s a must I get these mf

  • Grvdy

    TySoGeeked12 nicekicks hell yeah too sick

  • handsomeNcocky

    “Ready4ThaWorldd: handsomeNcocky duh Que lOl ” duhhhhh

  • UgliestKidEver

    _LaQuanae nicekicks yea we in them

  • sampiscitello26

    nicekicks dris228

  • _LaQuanae

    UgliestKidEver nicekicks YES!

  • A_hoehner

    nicekicks those Nike KD VI Christmas shoes are sweet looking

  • UgliestKidEver

    _LaQuanae you coming to the #LoyalLiving dinner on the 28th???? Man we ain’t seen you in so long!

  • _LaQuanae

    UgliestKidEver Of course and I know right!! I miss y’all man

  • Sexy_Sauseda

    X1Gonzalez nicekicks #Ugly

  • DreamDream

    New Cop @nicekicks

  • TySoGeeked12

    Grvdy nicekicks Sheshhh!

  • TrustNoAzada

    blu_h3r_away i dont buy christmas edition kicks bc you feel out of season when you where them later. They fye tho

  • nicekicks

    A_hoehner 12/26

  • X1Gonzalez

    Sexy_Sauseda nicekicks trippin

  • Grvdy

    TySoGeeked12 nicekicks that red set it off

  • Grvdy

    D_inhermouth _QueenMel_ nicekicks that’s what I said bruh

  • Sexy_Sauseda

    X1Gonzalez nicekicks

  • blu_h3r_away

    TrustNoAzada yea they dope I won’t saying go buy em

  • chelles_kaylen

    nicekicks Coach_Rob22 love these

  • UgliestKidEver

    _LaQuanae mannnn its been awhile

  • _LaQuanae

    UgliestKidEver I knowwww

  • n0lenchek

    nicekicks therealjpeezy9 secret Santa?

  • therealjpeezy9

    n0lenchek hahaha yup for the low price of 200 dollars

  • therealjpeezy9

    n0lenchek Hahahahaha yup for the low price of 130 bucks

  • AbdiGoodnews

    Future_of_Mn nicekicks there raw a’f

  • BranginDaHeat

    Heathal_Weapon meteorology better

  • Heathal_Weapon

    BranginDaHeat pic?

  • BranginDaHeat


  • xo_timaa

    Don_ofBran nicekicks yesss, if i wore those colors id get em

  • Bklyn_Scholar

    SOCIAL_VIXEN lol funny

  • KTCozart11

    X1Gonzalez l got you those #MerryChristmas

  • 23RAMZ23

    nicekicks Clean.

  • SpiceJr

    Mondkeyboy06 I believe so. Then again I don’t know for sure. Only ones I remember right now. I might get those tho

  • its_naz

    SpiceJr nicekicks sweet hey zues!

  • SpiceJr

    its_naz those will prolly come to the crib son lol

  • _aixagahenny

    aSipOfEandJay nicekicks idk where to order them or whatever

  • DathanK

    Aaron_Lout you like those kds?

  • aSipOfEandJay

    _aixagahenny text me back

  • _aixagahenny

    aSipOfEandJay I didn’t get a text

  • _TheUndefined1

    #MUSTCOP “jeremycarter21: “nicekicks: Nike KD VI “Christmas”””

  • jeremycarter21

    _TheUndefined1 early

  • Mondkeyboy06

    SpiceJr yea, I remember last year was supposed to be wrapping paper or something & year before was bronze

  • Foxyy_Scorpion

    _TheUndefined1 jeremycarter21 nicekicks when them come out

  • jeremycarter21

    Foxyy_Scorpion _TheUndefined1 nicekicks idk yet they the Christmas so prob New Years

  • Obey Dejohn Parker

    Wen these coming out

  • Kian Nikpour

    ohhhhhhh precision Alex Spasojevic

  • Christopher Daniel


  • Ricardo Guzman

    John Lock

  • Aysan Lamby

    First there flames

  • Alexis James

    LeBrons are better

  • Cédric Mell

    I really hate KD VI …. look like shoes box with laces ! Also not that confortable !

  • Marcus Donnell Anderson

    might be the best colorway with this sneaker

  • Chris Gonzales

    look like the lebron X Christmas and the most comfortable KD was the IV

  • Sherry Buse


  • John Lock


  • Dwayne Cochrane


  • Aaron Miller

    Rae Brown these hard tho

  • theHouseOfKicks

    nicekicks lebrons>>>>>>

  • unicorn_kicks


  • Rae Brown

    Cop !

  • Sneakerheadin

    nicekicks Kobe’s are better

  • DjJayFree

    nicekicks I just said that on ig… I’ll be copping

  • GeeGee022

    nicekicks Yeah

  • Flex Nicekicks

    Kobe one are more fire

  • Alex Ayotte

    KD took the jingle this year.

  • Filippo Maria Cardano

    Chanon Sethiwan

  • Mike Moore

    Tyrel Rodie better than ugly sweaters

  • Michael Berry

    Dylan Ray

  • mariahreed6

    AnthonyPhiri88 oh myyyy , I want them

  • AnthonyPhiri88

    mariahreed6 grab them, we can match

  • mariahreed6

    AnthonyPhiri88 I gotchu ??

  • Erek Sepeda


  • AkiaBaldwin

    These are the best KD’s to come out

  • Mr_NiceShoes

    LadyTynae_ Poncho_Denaro jas_charmaine nicekicks for me right?

  • LadyTynae_

    Mr_NiceShoes Poncho_Denaro jas_charmaine nicekicks tuh nah cuz for me

  • Mr_NiceShoes

    LadyTynae_ Oh

  • LadyTynae_

    Mr_NiceShoes heck yeAh

  • Mr_NiceShoes

    LadyTynae_ that’s hurtful

  • LadyTynae_

    Mr_NiceShoes how!?

  • Mr_NiceShoes

    LadyTynae_ I mean because I need those shoes and stuff

  • LadyTynae_

    Mr_NiceShoes but I need them first for this um outfit I got lol

  • Mr_NiceShoes

    LadyTynae_ ME TO! We might got the. Same outfit

  • LadyTynae_

    Mr_NiceShoes nah I doubt it mine is RED

  • Mr_NiceShoes

    LadyTynae_ …WORD MINE TO

  • LadyTynae_

    Mr_NiceShoes with the palm trees and poka dots!??

  • Mr_NiceShoes

    LadyTynae_ yeah yeah got it from that store right!

  • LadyTynae_

    Mr_NiceShoes oh well mine ain’t got all that I think that’s a lil too much for those shoes lol

  • Mr_NiceShoes

    LadyTynae_ now that I think about it that’s a different outfit

  • LadyTynae_

    Mr_NiceShoes oh is that right!? Lol

  • Myshoesthebest

    KD best christmas shoe this year

  • Myshoesthebest

    AkiaBaldwin i like the away a bit more

  • Tevaria Parks


  • WaterBoyy Pagans

    Jordan Gillthese are so raw man lol

  • Jordan Gill

    WaterBoyy Pagans your joking right? I know your joking lol

  • WaterBoyy Pagans

    Jordan Gill nope think im getting these and the kobes for xmas lol

  • JustinAnthony1

    best christmas shoes

  • JustinAnthony1

    best christmas shoe

  • JustinAnthony1

    nicest christmas shoe

  • JustinAnthony1

    nicest kd VI shoes

  • GeorRaig

    nicekicks Do you know if these are coming out in GS sizes?


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  • ASAP_Randyy

    WillTwerk4Jays nicekicks lmfao are you high

  • WillTwerk4Jays

    ASAP_Randyy those shits are garbage

  • ASAP_Randyy

    WillTwerk4Jays ?

  • Deangelo Coward

    Oh Boi… $130 12/26/13

  • Jordan Gill

    WaterBoyy Pagans so dissapointed in you

  • chadunocinco

    nicekicks it’s the best

  • domoAsap

    nicekicks on top

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