Air Jordan 12 “Taxi” OG & 2013 Comparison

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Air Jordan 12 Taxi OG vs 2013 Comparison

Following a fifteen year wait, the Air Jordan 12 “Taxi” is back in mid top form as a solo drop. Last seen in 2008’s top rated Countdown Pack in tandem with the “Playoff” 11s, the Taxi 12s are well regarded as one of the most durable designs from the Air Jordan line. As we await this weekend’s release of the re-retro installment, we bring to you comparison pictures of the OG from 1997 alongside the 2013 version. Check out the photos below and let us know if you plan on picking up a pair of the Air Jordan 12 “Taxi” in the comment section.

Air Jordan 12 Taxi OG

Air Jordan 12 Taxi 2013

Air Jordan 12 Taxi OG

Air Jordan 12 Taxi 2013

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  2. JakeVanTasell says:

    Pretty much the exact same shoe.

  3. Dave Inthavong says:

    that’s why I m getting them and ur not

  4. Dre Mays Jr. says:

    anyone who hasnt seen Jordan play and understand the culture behind him, his shoes, and his legacy doesn’t deserve to rep the jumpman…

  5. David Cutdamustard Derrickson says:

    WGN channel kept me in tuned back in the days. You already know

  6. Michael Kelley says:

    Shedrick Swain sexi time

  7. NativeAssBowers says:

    nicekicks look real nice…. you guys should start doin the “og to recent” comparison more often def a nice piece

  8. Ranferi Serna says:

    Hypebeast smh

  9. Pat Cordero says:

    Wow.. The shoes almost no difference at all., but from the pics the retro 2013 looks better than the OG.

  10. Tatt Al Allan Simpson says:

    Ethan Wright Matthew O’Neill Jr Willie Wright

  11. mexiking2365 says:

    nicekicks dont have og’s but i’ll compare these to my CDP 08′s quality will probably lack but we shall see

  12. Alex Paschen says:

    We have reserves on the big shoe releases. If you need Taxis, Kobe Preludes, Gammas, 3lab5 Infrared or any other major shoe, hit us up. SoletakersReserve@gmail.com

  13. Erik Caraballo says:

    OG’s >

  14. Steven Bennett says:

    If you like the sneakers, you buy them & wear them. Simple.

  15. KreyziJ says:


  16. Leo Alerm Josef Angeles says:

    eto Michael Dugenia Josef ang gusto mo!

  17. FatMacKKOM says:

    nicekicks giveaway a pair of 12′s

  18. Nuno Aguiar says:

    Sneaker Price Check Only
    Sneaker Price Check Only