Video: Kids Foot Locker “Locker” Commercial with Chris Paul & Blake Griffin

He’s only four, but young Chris already has his eyes on a starting spot. In a new clip from Foot Locker, Chris Paul Jr. sees Christmas come early with a locker full of new Jordan Brand gear. How did his pops find room for all his new pickups? Find out in the video above.


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  2. Aamir Khuller says:

    Lil Chris > blake

  3. Cindy Lee says:

    Annie Lee ?????????

  4. Chris Kendall says:

    Ben Till

  5. Eddie O Soto says:

    Haha awesome!!!

  6. Bennett Rainey says:


  7. Christopher Anthony Mitchell says:

    Chase Dallas

  8. Julius Leerkamp says:

    Floris Leerkamp

  9. Sher Ahmed says:


  10. Jodan Laver says:

    Cliney Clang

  11. Kalib Springer says:

    Haha he said. Aye comin man. I got practice lol

  12. Byron Greer says:


  13. OliverTorreonA says:

    am i missing something? i did not understand why B. Griffin was waiting on the old man?