Air Jordan 5 “Blue Frost” Custom

Burr. The Air Jordan 5 “Blue Frost” Custom by Ecentrik Artistry offers a chilly take on the shark toothed silo. An azul upper sees snowy white graphic detailing and black accents on the tongue and eyelets. Icy blue outsoles stay true to the canvas and concept, with both “Laney” and “Grape” releases eligible as a base. Fans of the Air Jordan 5 “Blue Frost” Custom can order a pair now at Ecentrik Artistry.

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Air Jordan 5 “Blue Frost” Custom


Air Jordan 5 Blue Frost Custom

Air Jordan 5 Blue Frost Custom

Air Jordan 5 Blue Frost Custom


  1. Theburningsole says:

    nicekicks you have to pay me $475 to wear those…smh!

  2. voigt_josh says:

    nicekicks drop…big time

  3. blacwas says:

    nicekicks not for me

  4. Quetzal Ramos says:


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  10. James Midkiff says:

    Could work for a younger audience… I don’t think an adult market would be interested.

  11. John Kenneth Tabuñar says:


  12. John Dillinger says:

    Naw These Going In The Crib!!!! These are 475 Dollar LandMines….

  13. Trey Rummele says:

    Andrew Bromley

  14. Dique Looney says:

    Hell yea

  15. Jan Swayze says:


  16. Bam Bam says:

    these are dope

  17. William Johns says:

    They cool

  18. Gary Lintag says:


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