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After great anticipation, the Nike Kobe 9 has officially been unveiled by Nike Basketball. Kobe Bryant’s ninth Swoosh signature is a high-top sneaker that wraps the ankle and features three key Nike technologies: Nike Flyknit, Flywire and Lunarlon. First used in running shoes, the Kobe 9 features Flyknit that is made from single strands of yarn to move with your foot. Nike Basketball‘s patented Flywire locks down the midfoot, and Lunarlon provides responsive cushioning. A carbon fiber heel counter gives the shoe stability, and a pressure mapping designed rubber outsole mimics the natural contours of the foot to finish off the most innovative basketball sneaker to date. Tell us what you think of the KB 9’s daring design in the comment section at the bottom of the page, and prepare yourself for the February 8th release date of the inaugural colorway, the Nike Kobe 9 Elite “Masterpiece” for $225.

Nike Kobe 9 Elite “Masterpiece”

February 8, 2014


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LLCoolClay 5pts

Where in the hell can I buy these at?

TuteCabial 5pts

The masterpiece or the masterPRICE?

AlexBraxtonLyons 5pts

The only reason I can really think of for them to make a shoe like this is: 1. because Kobe tore his Achilles tendon and needs as much support as possible or, 2. so they can make a low-top version of the shoe and make more money...

tradeuce32 5pts

The turnaround on making a sneaker is NOT a quick process, these are 2yrs in the making!!!

Rookies 5pts

I don't even think Kobe himself would cop these.

Sher Ahmed
Sher Ahmed 5pts

Amr Abedo Steven Nagi, remember i told u they look like boots?

ParkerFred 5pts

nice i ball in them and wear them nice KOBE AND NIKE 

yes sir what retailers?

JoshEdwards 5pts

I like them, I can see myself warming the bench in these 

Jessica Renée Clark
Jessica Renée Clark 5pts

Exactly, if you're not a basketball player or use to play, then you wouldn't understand.

haveed 5pts

Snake Eyes and Stormshadow editions.  Do it Nike.  Already one collab with Hasbro.

GBLange 5pts

And do a Smurfs edition also

JstMe3n 5pts

@Victor Hugo Sepulveda Estrada ahahaha exactly

Senor_K_Rod 5pts

Funny how they say they used Flyknit to cut down on labor costs and make a cheaper shoe, but it costs $225...really Nike? I know its the "Elite" version, but come on. These look like trash too, but I bet they hoop nice

Just_A_Person 5pts

@Senor_K_Rod Meanwhile in jordan brand land...where there's no quality material close to flyknit...but people will still pay $225 for the Air Jordan V 3lab5 or be willing to spend $180 on the Gammas. 

Sneakerheads are a silly bunch.

Oh and arent the other elite shoes like $250? Juuuuuust saying Captain. 

Senor_K_Rod 5pts

@Just_A_Person @Senor_K_Rod My point was they said they used the materials to make the shoe cheaper, but its still $225. Doesn't seem much cheaper to me Captain...And I could care less about these young idiots buying Jordans now. That's why they put out crap, because they're going to buy it anyway. Everybody has to have the "newest" thing just to fit in.

dclownprince101 5pts

Brilliant move on Nike. Lower costs, but charge idiots more which means larger profit. Kudos for coming out with something different, but I'm done with nike and these high prices

Senor_K_Rod 5pts

@dclownprince101 Yea they know exactly what they're doing. Up the price $20 each year, and nobody will think twice. Even the KD, which started as the cheapest signature shoe from nike, is slowly creeping up there. Its a damn shame

Aaron Jacaria
Aaron Jacaria 5pts

This shoe is Inspired by Manny Pacquiao's Boxing shoes!

BranMan_LRG 5pts

The shoe is a little different than I expected but I'm sure it's comfortable and the cw's are about to get real sick. #KB24 #Laker4Life

Jarod Brown
Jarod Brown 5pts

Next to MJ, LBJ owns the shoe game amongst active athletes! Kobe's sneaker game has and will always be mediocre! If it weren't for his celebrity he wouldn't sell a pair. IJS

AlecSecord 5pts

disagree times a million. What the Kobe 7s? Grinch 6s? The upcoming pack? Kobe 8 EXT? Kobe 7 and 8 Galaxy? Christmas Kobe 7s? If you don't like any of those you are nothing more than a hater

YellowingSucks 5pts

You are crazy. Kobes shoes sell because of how well they perform. No matter how you feel about them esthetically they are the go - to shoes for the players. The kobe 8 is still outselling and performing those feet killing LeBron 11s that he wasn't even wearing the start of the year.

Sexual_Chocolate 5pts

@YellowingSucks  You're dead wrong LBJ pulled 300 million on sales, followed by KD at 115-150 and Kobe was at 50 mil.  Get your google on, don't put personal feelings in with stats.   That said, I rock the #$%^ out of the kobe 8's on court, but I buy basketball shoes to hoop in, not fashion.

YellowingSucks 5pts

Your last sentence was my whole point.... -_- They play better on court(LeBron would agree). That's why half of the NBA is wearing Kobe 8s on any given night. #skidmark

Charlene Boone-Hudson
Charlene Boone-Hudson 5pts

Boo to you Shawn Hall but I like them. We'll agree to have a difference of opinion on these. ♡

Shawn Hall
Shawn Hall 5pts

Charlene Here's a more detailed look... These things are hideous!! And definitely not worth $225!