Air Jordan 10 “OVO” PEs for Drake

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Air Jordan 10 OVO PEs for Drake

He did it again? Following up a tandem of Air Jordan 12 PEs, Drake does his best Justin Timberlake impression by unveiling the Air Jordan 10 OVO PEs. Much like JT, these artist exclusives come through while touring. Gold graces white and black iterations once again, with stingray accents residing around the tongue and midfoot. Would you like a release? Let us know in the comment section.

Air Jordan 10 OVO PEs for Drake

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22 Comments on "Air Jordan 10 “OVO” PEs for Drake"

  1. Envy Smith

    The white one looks elegant, but it looks like something a senior citizen would wear.
    Jordans i think should be flamboyant and in your face, This feels too adult to be a Jordan.

  2. Edson Perez

    So wait Kanye can’t get a deal with Nike but Jordan Brand a division in Nike gives Drake a deal? I’m starting to believe Nike just didn’t want anything to do with Kanye.

  3. KLove_EBOD

    The concept behind both packs is ridiculous  who the hell wants a black 10s and a white 10s ??? and both of them are basic as hellll ???!!!!! Plus the black 10s have been released before so is there a point ? i think not Its pointless but hype beast will truly have a field day with these  @KLove_EBOD

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