End of an Era: The 13 Best Allen Iverson Shoes

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Back in 1996 Reebok took a chance on a brash Virginian out of Georgetown to carry their brand and basketball line. Despite his checkered past and unwillingness to be what the league or world wanted him to be, Reebok signed a young Allen Iverson to a 10 year $50 million contract. His debut shoe, the Question, was a success, and one of the few times a rookie sported a signature sneaker in their season opener. From then on, Reebok would release a series of Answer sneakers each season and Bubba Chuck would re-up with Reebok, signing a lifetime contract with the brand. With Allen Iverson announcing his retirement today, we recount the 13 best Iverson shoes from Reebok.

13. Reebok Answer IV White/Black

Reebok Answer IV

Reebok Answer IV White/Black

The Reebok Answer IV was one of the best looking and best performance models featuring full length DMX cushioning and zip-up closure. Iverson would wear this model in the 2000-01 season where he would lead the league in scoring and win the MVP Award. He also was voted a starter in the All-Star Game where he would take home game MVP honors. While AI accomplished a lot in the AIV, this colorway will best be remember for his stepping over Tyronn Lue during the Game 1 victory in the 2001 NBA Finals.

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  1. soulie17 says:

    This article is so dope. Iversons were the first shoes I can remember being really excited about. They got me caring about shoes. LeBron's however were the shoes that got me into really collecting

    1. jumpman says:

      you cannot seriously say that lebron's got you into collecting kicks first of all basketball wise, they look like they're made for a fashion show too much extra stuff that is not needed for a basketball shoe, and i would never actually rock lebrons, retro jordans are the sickest shoes out there

      1. Phoenix says:

        @Jumpman… Na dude, designer shoes are the best out there. Jordans are #2 tho, so I feel you, but Lebrons are cool too. Iversons were really exciting tho.

    2. Rod J 83 says:

      How old are you?… 10? To each his own!!!

  2. orka says:

    #2 and #3 are way too high in the list.

  3. jus4kix says:

    his first shoe is a classic, no denying it. but it was evident what was the inspiration behind it

  4. Professor C says:

    Bigup to my NIg Bubba Chuck thanks for repping Pine Chapel to the Bottom of NNews. ?uestion UNDFTD are one of my shoe collection highlites. For ME.

  5. Professor C says:


  6. Professor C says:

    NK stop hateing on good comments

  7. Crack says:

    List is Way out of Order but Solid Selection of Kicks. Original Colorway is Hands Down The Best Question!

  8. ardeedas says:

    So did anyone actually buy those Eastbay Answer 1's? I'd love to see pics of those just for the hellovit.

    ps. Brilliant write-up, Ian.. Big ups to you!

  9. Ill Will says:

    Black/white Iverson IV was the best.. they were the only iversons I really wanted

  10. $NEAKERHEAD says:

    #13 is the Reason y A.I. is the going 2 the hall of Fame that 1 crossover on the G.O.A.T. was Epic!!!!!!

  11. Herm says:

    The Questions are right up there with any Air Jordan, IMO. I agree #1 is the dopest! Great read, had that whole nostalgic feel to it.

  12. yaboyprimo says:

    yo man when i was playin ball in high school all i wanted was to be AI man and if u was a pg/sg and u aint have height like that u most likely wanted to be him too lol sad to see the line go i personally had the questions in jr high school and the answer 4s when i played ball in high school definitely alot of memories in this line..and as a player one of the best without a ring period

  13. KWAPT says:

    Great stuff N.K. Very good read & awesome pics/clips.

  14. jordans says:

    wow raw

  15. Winse says:

    The Reebok Answer I Black/Gold & Navys are the best AIs ever!!

  16. D-Wash says:


  17. Oatmeal says:

    I aint even gonna try to express a well reasoned opinion on his shoe, it's pointless on a site riddled with phantom haters, I just wanna say he's one of the best damn ballers to ever set foot on NBA courts. Dude owned it.

  18. lilrip133 says:

    the pearlized questions were the first shoe i bought with my own hard earned money. if i had enough room on my arm, i would get the famous jordan cross tatted on me. that moment defined my life as i know it

  19. Dcast says:

    the only good iverson shoe is the #1 and it's colorways. Poor allen, he might as well have been in kswiss.

  20. theshoehunter says:

    A.I = G.O.A.T

    AI is the reason im in the shoe game now used to cop all his kicks, they fell off after VI but w.e