Air Jordan 11 “Two Rings” Ray Allen PE Another Look

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We’ve seen Ray Allen’s special Air Jordan 11 PE for tonight on his feet, and now we get a more detailed look at the shoe via Sneaker News. Ray’s #34 replaces the traditional 23 on the back of this player exclusive that highlights gold and red accents, while Allen’s logo is featured front and center on the tongue. Personalized detailing appears on the ring themed tongue tagging, as well as the lining detail that displays his title winning seasons. Look for Ray to lace these up in tonight’s opener against the Bulls.







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  1. Jameson Kate says:

    Ugly asf. .

  2. Melissa Dropdeadgorgeous says:

    Raymundo Nevarez

  3. Richard Allison says:

    Marc Villalovos

  4. Armani Hefner says:

    dese are Heat

  5. Richard Allison says:

    I seen them on here. 4 the game started

  6. Robert Gordon says:

    too ugly

  7. Robert Gordon says:

    too ugly

  8. Richard Allison says:

    They might be ugly but they would still sell out just like every ugly Jordan 2013 has this year

  9. Vince Clemons says:


  10. Ali Fares says:


  11. Bobby Diggler says:

    I will pass..

  12. Asyraf Wahab says:

    That’s an ugly jays right there… Smh…

  13. Rick Ramirez says:

    Ugly!? but i likes.

  14. Cesar Talan says:

    Alfredo Hurtado ..nice

  15. Winson Paul says:

    Jorge Largaespada

  16. Luke Stratford says:

    I need these…..

  17. Tim San Andres says:

    Would look boss with clear sole instead of red. Some black hits too.

  18. Bldub Imoutchere says:

    Love them

  19. Justin Ballew says:

    these are ugly

  20. Justin Ballew says:

    These are the ketchup and mustards lol