Nice Kicks has confirmed with sources at Jordan Brand that contrary to rumors floating around the web and social media, the Black/Cement colorway of the Air Jordan 3 ’88 (with ‘Nike Air’ on the back) is not releasing.

Jordan Brand has a solid lineup of shoes coming this Holiday season as we have just seen the release of the Jordan CP3.VII, “Steel Grey” Air Jordan 10s and this weekend will see the much anticipated return of the “Laney” Air Jordan 5.

Stay tuned to Nice Kicks for more updates about Jordan Brand releases.

Image via DeFY NY

  • Spiros Zangotsis


  • David Ray Solis

    WHA??!!??!!! NO!

  • Alfredo Molina


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  • Chris Martinez

    Kevin Busch

  • Damone Cardin

    they are if u willing to come off the grip

  • Emil Xavier Graves

    those are ugly.

  • Shawn Hennigan


  • Emmanuel McMathis

    Where all the people who said their “connect” can get them now? Yeah fake Chinese connect

  • Carlos Ramos

    Seriously??!!! GRRRR

  • Gerald Barrera

    Damn! Already got a pair of the last release but really wanted an 88 or two or three!

  • NeNe Solitario

    Thanks u GoD

  • Steve Dunk Nguyen

    Thank you jesus

  • Harith Hunter


  • Devon Persaud


  • Roberto Ochoa Camacho

    Hypebeasts are mad as sh*t right now

  • Javier Cornejo

    Come on man what youll on

  • Paul Austria

    lol so basically anyone that said they got them “early” got fake pairs

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  • Jaan Knock-Naq

    Nimit Shah. Salty….

  • Tristan MrScorpio Robinson

    Y not

  • Mel Sumang

    Renaldo Sumang Rosel Sumang Andrew Sumang

  • Christian Amarillas

    Thank The Lord. Ruins it for the people who actually have OG’s

  • Dewuan Jefferson

    Lol! Long live Jordan Brand!

  • Julio Aquino

    Good. Keep something in the vault jb..

  • Andre Ellis

  • Andre Alvarado


  • OG Jays

    Glad I have ’01s and ’11s still crispy. Hope they drop in ’14 tho.

  • Anthony Wilson

    Thank god!

  • Jochi BangZz Mane


  • Tim Wright

    Anthony Serrette well dam.. what i got to do to get these

  • Jarrod Karak Samons

    Must have a problem at the sweat shop.

  • Joel Oliver

    Ha, I was feeling pretty dumb for doubling up in ’11, still have a pair DS. Now, a little less.

  • Junior MakinMovez Jones

    damn duck! Tristin Ashby

  • Andre Alvarado

    Look at these people already having a Damn heart attack cause they ain’t coming out. ..straight pathetic lol

  • Romansa Rina

    Oh nooooo!!! :(

  • Richie Sasinka

    WHYY ?!

  • Gabriel Williams


  • Yannic Sébastien Soder


  • Chris Cheung

    Effy WU

  • Jacob Cruz

    thats a lie they said its a rumor

  • Carl Keopadith

    wtf man

  • Anthony Kong Malamba

    Patient Mulamba putain je les voulais trop, le dieu de la sneakers n’est pas avec moi ces derniers mois :/

  • Abrar Rahman

    Thank god

  • Devrim Atsiz

    Vu Nguyen

  • Allen Based Ramirez

    My 200$ thank you.

  • Chris Tian


  • Sand Ra

    I want soo badly in size 1.5 youth size =))

  • Ivan Fernando

    Yesss ^__^ hypebeast be like I wanted an OG Pair lmaoooo

  • Sand Ra

    Did you maybe know where to get nikes in this size??

  • Richard Ellis


  • Joshua Eli Kranz


  • Terrence O. Dodson

    Y not?

  • Curser Patron

    Mert Ertu?rul Eskinova Philip Hudson

  • Tomboy Hall

    I have a pair but I was looking forward to getting another pair…oh well

  • Henry Elias

    Eber Flores

  • T’Shurah Dove

    Wali Rivers

  • George Kostanian

    That’s great news, tired of JB making J’s with Nike Air in the back and people calling them OG. Their called retros for a reason.

  • Rueben Flores

    good, kill the hype!!!

  • Robert Masushige

    Lmfao. Building the HYPE

  • Philip Hudson

    Curser Patron I see it bro, pissed!!!

  • Müfärö Mùffìè Nyåüchì

    W.T.F #standard

  • Blake Forever-Fly Williams

    As much as I love the OG style, this 88 release is killing the actual OGs. So good riddance! Lol

  • Noe Saldierna

    Jeremy Allen

  • Chai Dee Thao

    Nice save it for a better occasion.

  • Kenneth Delahoussaye

    Someone hold my got damn hand man!

  • Mert Ertu?rul Eskinova

    That’s a lie Curser Patron

  • Cathy Cj Chen

    whats wrong with nike?

  • Kilo Slang

    damn i wanted them

  • Gil Castro

    Jorge Delgado

  • Jose Hawes

    Anthony Lawrence Jr.

  • Abhi N YC


  • Michael Salvador

    Got size 9 DS black/cement III 2011 release for sale, $400.

  • SungCho

    These are too fire to not drop. Probably just pushed into next year?I am a little disappointed, would have liked to have copped a few pairs.

  • SungCho

    These are too fire to not drop. Probably just pushed into next year?I am a little disappointed, would have liked to have copped a few pairs.

  • Brad Dimodica

    Thank god. Putting nike air on new jays was Jordan brands worst idea ever

  • All Cool Illa

    All those pics and no release ha!

  • Jorge Delgado


  • Nattawut Poh Shaishowarat


  • Carlo de Guzman

    John Ashley So Jason Ginete Rikki Marcoso

  • Jason Oliver


  • Kaan Yavuzel

    Good 😀 😀

  • Wolf Leal


  • Darren Graves

    How unfortunate. But at the same time saves me some money on releases for the time being.

  • Jay Childress

    I’m actually fine with this decision they have they’re plates full already infrared 6 in white and possibly the black infrared 6 the powder blue and white 10s and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

  • Peter P. Tongkumsai

    Rent will be paid this time boys! …..Probably still wont be paid.

  • Tito Mosquito

    Lmao @the YOUNG dummies who think the jumpman on the back are better THEN NIKE AIR

  • Frederik Høier


  • Jason Jones

    Amen lol

  • Sal Waitforit Beas


  • Chris Eakins

    makes perfect sense….it’s not like there is a demand for them or anything….

  • Jason Glidden


  • Gerardo Erick Chairez

    llo ci me los pongo yes i want thats shoes

  • Tatiana Nicole


  • Rashawn Gabriel

    Deejay Henderson

  • Jasmine Lee Knight

    Damn David Christopher Hudson Jr.

  • Adam Drapala

    glad to hear. WE don’t need anymore people getting shot or stabbed over plastic and rubber.

  • Adam Drapala

    glad to hear. WE don’t need anymore people getting shot or stabbed over plastic and rubber.

  • KennethPagan

    Good job nike them fakes was running rapid

  • Teezy Sneaker Head Phillips

    Whenever they do I’ll be ready

  • Teezy Sneaker Head Phillips

    Whenever they do I’ll be ready

  • Ivan Lucas

    Elias Salgado

  • David Christopher Hudson Jr.

    Jasmine Knight this breaks my heart

  • Sean Sunderland

    Too bad! We need some of these retards killed over shoes, u know thin out the herd lol

  • Alex Lopez

    It kind of sucks cuz i really wanted to get my hands on those since i cant get the OG’s

  • Kevin T. Mendez

    I saw it coming lmao

  • Juan S. Zuleta

    Lol good

  • Samuel Bensimon

    Henri Kalfon told u

  • Josh Badulis

    daaamn lol

  • Christian Patricio

    Juan Zuleta what do you mean??

  • Christian Patricio

    Juan Zuleta what do you mean??

  • Leslie Hudler

    its all good my man has them and they still crispy :-)

  • Leslie Hudler

    its all good my man has them and they still crispy :-)

  • Henri Kalfon

    on my other website they said they were releasing

  • Jonathan Shakur


  • Robert Earl McLemore

    Maybe it’s just me, but for me, if a Jordan doesn’t say Nike Air or have a swoosh on it, then it looks like a knock off.

  • Marc Tobman

    Michelangelo Cosmic Falcon

  • Robert Pena

    Suckers lol

  • Nicolas Nevarez

    Lol I like how they start off with confirmed lol

  • Charles Scriven

    OG Jays bet you’re not happy lol

  • Kelly Khamsada

    Glad I copped when I did

  • Eric L Henderson


  • OG Jays

    Not really lol.

  • Adam Ponchick

    NOT cool

  • Ole Emil Jensen

    værste nyhed nogensinde…

  • Hugo Ayala

    Thank You GOD!

  • Michael Cong


  • Tommy Zhu

    awwwww boo

  • Keyshyla Thomas

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  • Yousif Elbosiry

    Need those if only they sold them over here -_-

  • MillzF

    great news, keep em “OG”

  • Minhphu Tran

    Tht suck…. -_-

  • David Belkin


  • coreppin


  • Skitz_Marz

    @KennethPagan running rampant*

  • Franklin Pelino

    benji . Gotone na sakin yan?

  • Aaron Tim

    But I could still get a pair tho

  • Joe Licciardi

    Ronnie Wayne Sousa

  • Neezy

    @KennethPagan rampant*

  • Arbani Datumanong


  • G Jomel Peñaredondo

    Is Good

  • Kenneth J Tejeda

    Justin Hornedo Richard Robert Lozada stressed

  • Jay Burgos

    These kicks are on fire !

  • Jan Mendoza Peleyo

    gosto ko yan……

  • Jomar Angeles

    i have it :)

  • Joel Casugbo

    ..i like this..

  • BigBoi310

    WOW !!!

  • Wackdizzle Rey

    Dosent make sense!

  • Alexander Claudio

    :O I want one…

  • Julius Cesar Tuazon

    Released some jordan jersey not only shoes!

  • Kevin Mma

    My second favorite J of all time

  • Rello HonestAbeclothing Ross

    That’s lame

  • Brandon Clapp


  • Joseph Martinez

    I got my pair hahahahahahahahahaha they brand new too

  • Mark Joya

    jordan 3

  • Joaquin Santos


  • Jerry Puga

    Wtf typée are hard

  • Joey HicallmeThor Mislang

    Hazel lol

  • President Ward

    Y’all about too cry.

  • Duncan Ip Hau Ming

    Too bad

  • Lusinmader

    Thank you!  I was starting to feel foolish having 3 DSpairs from 2011 ( the fourth pair is in my weekly rotation).  This is great, now I can save money.

  • Devin Sagon


  • OG Jays

    01s are not OG but I get what you’re saying (y)

  • John Maverick Geronca


  • JP Malig

    Inky Castalone

  • Raymond Mallari

    I (Y)

  • Gerald Sim

    Le Jian ‘Lee’

  • Good Demon Gaa

    I had this shoes before

  • Billy Santos Urrutia

    DAT OG. T_T

  • Alexis Avorque

    But i’ve already saved money for that! ,

  • Christian Lacbayan Ildefonso


  • Ludim Adolfo

    .sana may mag gift sken nto ngaun pasko. Hehehe

  • Gaviola Don

    I want too..

  • Ronnel Baclayon

    wow ang sapatos

  • YhanSki Belino

    who first in that shoes JORDAN OR NIKE!???

  • Ross Berman

    Myles Smith dang

  • Dicen Khen

    angas nman ..??

  • Earl Cansico


  • Frank BlackboyWhiteboy Bassett

    Kenyawn Kpolo Timmons

  • Andrew Wink

    Davis Wall xD

  • WaterBoyy Pagans

    somebody would have probably gotten shot over them so this is ok

  • Karltriztan Uchiyama


  • Dustin Beard

    lameee these are my favorite js of all time

  • Jamir Balingit


  • Jamir Balingit


  • Ahmed Reyes-Arnold

    very saddened…

  • Rhuel Sanchez Alejandro


  • John Artis Jr.

    BOOOOOOO! #runtelldat

  • Jordan Debow

    nike about to pull these back out for a hyper strike on black friday lol watch.

  • Sam Inerfield

    Joe Kemsley

  • Ryan Egan

    Good cos I am broke as a joke

  • MoeBleezy


  • Diego Molinyawe

    That’s fake only jordan 1 has a nike logo but the jordan 2-23 do doesn’t have a nike logo

  • Jason Brock Sr.


  • Nate Casas

    Dropping in 2014, no-one said anything about a late 2013 release with these anyways right?

  • Jason Brock Sr.

    What is Diego Molinyawe talking about

  • Alex Neal

    Yeah I want them to come out next year.

  • Pete Regopoulos


  • Berney Mamansag

    Javier Lopez

  • Steve Mitcheltree


  • Kiko Tabor

    Mag kano to

  • Charl Villena


  • Joshua Chamberlin

    Am I the only one who thinks these r ugly and cheap looking? Never liked these sorry

  • Jules Aguila

    Aww man was looking forward to these

  • Oscar Zuniga

    Miguel Zuniga

  • Darius Dooley

    Is there an UNlike button?????

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  • Kenneth Gibson

    Brandon J Schneider

  • Jandre Fernandez

    Jeggo Fernando, Sayang

  • Jeremiah Alberto

    Hey,for everyone.The retro Jordan’s have a nike sign at the back 1-23 they rerelease those shoes with no nike logo,my point is the Jordan’s from 1988-1995 or later have logos of the nike and the swoosh

  • HankkMoody

    best idea they had in a while.  leave the nike air alone, save it for the real collectors and not these resellers.  thats like if nike starts to retro their sb line, a bad decision.

  • Jeremiah Alberto

    Hey Diego molinyawe,your an idiot.all the original retro Jordan’s have the nike logo and the swoosh all the OLDER ones,not the ones they rerelease like this one.They don’t put the nike logo for the new realese only the super old ones like the one in the picture,watch some nice kicks video and you’ll gonna understand it.

  • EJhay Dueñas

    Nice shoes nike:))

  • Hazel Chua

    woops sent this to you also

  • Patrick Baltazar

    Exon Pasamba

  • Romel Orpiano

    Michael P Tinio Charles Antonio

  • Exon Pasamba


  • Enzo Hortaleza

    Luiz Deiparine Irvy Bersola

  • Jr Ochoa


  • Wilvic Evangelista

    wow size 11 lng paa ko kuya ando

  • Ulysses Tolentino

    well thank good ness i have my 1994 joints…

  • Quentin Bastian

    yes you are the only one…

  • Paul Gregory Dideles


  • Rogelio Jr Leonen

    Just do it.

  • Daniel Ball

    No doubt.

  • AcaciaZborilWarner

    Bunch of morons tryin’ to act like they’re happy or relieved that they aren’t releasing.

  • Bryan Kenneth de Ocampo

    Gene Delgado

  • Kevin Brent Manuel

    awww :(

  • Kai Sarvida Nemoto

    much better ,,,,,,,ADIDAS

  • Kimberly Fabian Lacsamana Lorenzo II


  • Clarence Ramos

    want ko to xD

  • Clarence Ramos


  • Mark Capito


  • Jhoffrean Castillo


  • Muling Mamahalin

    Wa epeck locl na.

  • Meljoe Jonson

    jex ok ung shoes mu

  • Elettra Gnan


  • Jose Laureano

    It doesn’t completely ruin the OG as the sole on retros doesn’t say NIKE…

  • Ogeinamas Remle

    Ganda nyan

  • Joseph Tamares

    Bk nmn pirated yan? Toinkz

  • Paul Bandong


  • OGJordansOnly

    At least I get to save money, its a very expensive holiday season for sneaks.

  • Goodsmob LuxeBeats

    They already made a ton of them.. those pics online aint fakes. TRUST ME… Wasn’t even all too interested.. but Imma get some now tho.. LOL

  • Mikey Bacon

    At least it saves some young people’s lives that the fact they are not being released so a family can spend time together around the holidays without worrying about one of there love ones has been taken away for them just over a pair of shoes.

  • Jan Paul Gunao

    ahahah akala q cup

  • Peter Andrew Bagtas

    Rv Trinos

  • Ruben Felix

    sapatos manen anak..

  • Aundre Art McGaskey


  • Rafael Besa

    Magkanu yan pm. Pls

  • iname

    I heard it’s releasing just not this holiday season.

  • Stephon Snoe


  • Gino Muñoz


  • Bernard Diego Santos

    Manjo Allen Libunao hanap mo ko kuya khit tag 12k haha

  • Socrates Morante Jr.

    nyc pare.

  • Manjo Allen Libunao

    Bernard Santos next year pa yan. Inaantay ko din yan e..

  • Macloyd Acedo

    Anne Patrone

  • Mark Estolano


  • Wilstone Paul T. Cayanan

    Billie Ray Santiago… how come?! :((

  • Frankenstein Salvador

    nice one!

  • Toyang Na Munte

    rap may shoes ka na?

  • Nestor Enrera

    pre dun parin ba ung papa mo sa resort world?

  • Joem Co

    * will not be released / not yet released

  • Michel Verbeke

    Elle sorte quand en France ??

  • Ryan Lawrence

    Or they lied because they wanna show off

  • Dan Joerick Sadiwa

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  • Adjel Casama

    Wow namn sana akin n lng yan huhuhu

  • Nyawawa Erdesto


  • Jarrett Jimenez

    Thank you Jesus

  • Elroy Samuel Jones

    Damn, this sucks. I was holding out for these and the December releases. Oh well, maybe 2015

  • Jason Cruz

    Thank god whew

  • Juan Miguel DelaCruz Mora

    No c’mon

  • Frederik Karl

    Wtf that sucks hard..

  • 305Kicks

    i use to love buying sneakers the hunt the history behind the shoe shoes that bring back memories but damn man it hurts me to say im losing the love i dont know if its over done now a days or just that i been doing it for so long and the level that the sneaker game is at now is at an all time high but its also wack .

  • TrisjenHarris

    @305Kicks I’ve said that previously that I have lost the love for the shoe game. Not because their aren’t shoes coming out, but because resellers and nike have made it so hard to cop a pair of J’s on release day. With all these twitter Bots you can’t even get shoes online anymore and good luck trying to get a pair in store with these tickets they give out.

  • Pat Capers

    I can get early release pairs inbox me for info!!

  • soledoutsneaks

    Have a 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, and 12 in these…but only 1 pair in each size remaining….no production tags on the tongue though…pre released samples…hit me at soledoutsneaks g mail