Confirmed: Black/Cement Air Jordan 3 ’88 NOT Releasing

Confirmed: Air Jordan 3 88 Black/Cement NOT releasing

Nice Kicks has confirmed with sources at Jordan Brand that contrary to rumors floating around the web and social media, the Black/Cement colorway of the Air Jordan 3 ’88 (with ‘Nike Air’ on the back) is not releasing.

Jordan Brand has a solid lineup of shoes coming this Holiday season as we have just seen the release of the Jordan CP3.VII, “Steel Grey” Air Jordan 10s and this weekend will see the much anticipated return of the “Laney” Air Jordan 5.

Stay tuned to Nice Kicks for more updates about Jordan Brand releases.

Image via DeFY NY


  1. Look at these people already having a Damn heart attack cause they ain’t coming out. ..straight pathetic lol

  2. Patient Mulamba putain je les voulais trop, le dieu de la sneakers n’est pas avec moi ces derniers mois :/

  3. That’s great news, tired of JB making J’s with Nike Air in the back and people calling them OG. Their called retros for a reason.

  4. As much as I love the OG style, this 88 release is killing the actual OGs. So good riddance! Lol

  5. These are too fire to not drop. Probably just pushed into next year?I am a little disappointed, would have liked to have copped a few pairs.

  6. These are too fire to not drop. Probably just pushed into next year?I am a little disappointed, would have liked to have copped a few pairs.

  7. I’m actually fine with this decision they have they’re plates full already infrared 6 in white and possibly the black infrared 6 the powder blue and white 10s and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

  8. Maybe it’s just me, but for me, if a Jordan doesn’t say Nike Air or have a swoosh on it, then it looks like a knock off.

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  10. Thank you!  I was starting to feel foolish having 3 DSpairs from 2011 ( the fourth pair is in my weekly rotation).  This is great, now I can save money.


  12. Hey,for everyone.The retro Jordan’s have a nike sign at the back 1-23 they rerelease those shoes with no nike logo,my point is the Jordan’s from 1988-1995 or later have logos of the nike and the swoosh

  13. best idea they had in a while.  leave the nike air alone, save it for the real collectors and not these resellers.  thats like if nike starts to retro their sb line, a bad decision.

  14. Hey Diego molinyawe,your an idiot.all the original retro Jordan’s have the nike logo and the swoosh all the OLDER ones,not the ones they rerelease like this one.They don’t put the nike logo for the new realese only the super old ones like the one in the picture,watch some nice kicks video and you’ll gonna understand it.

  15. They already made a ton of them.. those pics online aint fakes. TRUST ME… Wasn’t even all too interested.. but Imma get some now tho.. LOL

  16. At least it saves some young people’s lives that the fact they are not being released so a family can spend time together around the holidays without worrying about one of there love ones has been taken away for them just over a pair of shoes.

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  18. i use to love buying sneakers the hunt the history behind the shoe shoes that bring back memories but damn man it hurts me to say im losing the love i dont know if its over done now a days or just that i been doing it for so long and the level that the sneaker game is at now is at an all time high but its also wack .

  19. @305Kicks I’ve said that previously that I have lost the love for the shoe game. Not because their aren’t shoes coming out, but because resellers and nike have made it so hard to cop a pair of J’s on release day. With all these twitter Bots you can’t even get shoes online anymore and good luck trying to get a pair in store with these tickets they give out.

  20. Have a 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, and 12 in these…but only 1 pair in each size remaining….no production tags on the tongue though…pre released samples…hit me at soledoutsneaks g mail

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