Kicks On Court Diaries: Matt Bonner’s Plea for a New Shoe Deal

Help. Matt Bonner needs new shoes now.

The “Red Rocket” cares not about style points, the latest trends or switching shoes at halftime. He didn’t add to his collection this offseason in order to contend for the Kicks On Court Champion award. Instead, Bonner has brought the same pair of shoes to the court for the last five years, and even he says it’s time for a change. With Bonner down to his last few pairs of New Balances, we gave him the platform to let anyone listening know he’s open to anything.


  1. josh90op says:

    Spurs Son!!

  2. luisvictor79 says:

    Yeah like Bob Knight spends his time on sneaker blogs…

  3. cliffordburney says:

    i aint mad at him

  4. Brendan Anderson says:


  5. Raul Lopez says:

    Justin Fierro

  6. Christian Patnaude says:

    Josh Lee & Tim Lee
    Must watch

  7. Josh Lee says:

    Saw it.. not shocked at all. Funny thing is I used to rock a pair of NB during the time at Wolf Park league. I have to agree, they were some of the most comfortable pair of sneakers I’ve ever owned. Remeber kids, shoes don’t make the player.

  8. Christian Patnaude says:

    Won my 100m dash…
    Everyone in spikes, I’m in Etonics. Still waiting on my deal with them. Ask Dylan Borges & William E. Washington III, lol!!!!

  9. Kayne Hawea says:

    I don’t even think athletes give a stuff about comfort, as long as the check clears when it turns up. NB r hella comfy but if I’m LBJ my shoes never made me good so I’m gonna rock the flyest ones.

  10. Rocky Ellis says:

    Sell friggin shoes already!!

  11. Lucas Porter says:

    Spencer Hardy

  12. Andrew Weiss says:

    This is gold.

  13. jdogg42 says:

    Seriously NEW BALANCE!!!!!  Do you have any other NBA players WANTING to wear your “basketball” shoes!  Pay the man and give him a truckload or at least a trunkful of shoes!

  14. drerdre11 says:

    dang man i feel sorry for the man.new balance should be happy thatthey even had somebody wearing their shoe

  15. Manny Mj says:

    Ajjajaajajjaajajja new bl

  16. Kevin Gomez says:

    Cameron let him borrow some kicks

  17. blackinjapan says:

    better go out and buy a pair with that nba money you’re making