Air Jordan 10 GS “Fusion Red”

Loud is the Air Jordan 10 GS “Fusion Red”. Fit for the ladies or the kids, this pint size sneaker sees the AJX dipped in the topic tone in bright fashion. Black trim tags the tongue and outsole, also accenting the checkered lining. Get a glimpse at the Air Jordan 10 GS “Fusion Red” courtesy of Oneness below and look for these to launch at select JB accounts on October 19th.

Air Jordan 10 GS “Fusion Red”

Fusion Red/Black-Laser Orange
October 19, 2013

Air Jordan 10 GS Fusion Red

Air Jordan 10 GS Fusion Red


  1. dezzie79 says:

    slow my girl rocked these already

  2. Daniel Sena says:

    Cynthia Perez

  3. Fgs Dee says:

    K.b. Hamilton

  4. Henry Magee says:

    They need these iin BLUE

  5. Leeland White says:

    if my girl never left me

  6. Salinna Ealy says:

    Wat sizes n grade school, n r these for boys or girls cn anyone tell me

  7. Dustin Allen says:


  8. Terence Lavallee says:

    Now those are hot shoes.

  9. Jayb Too Real says:

    Dillon Stoneking

  10. Dillon Stoneking says:

    Yea i seen these

  11. Brian Aguilar says:

    Marcos Osorio these are sick!

  12. Alyssa Salas says:

    <3.<3 ~ Mimi Obey Martinez

  13. Kevin Herrera says:

    Lucas Silva

  14. Matthew Campbell says:

    shoooooot…. i’d wear those

  15. Jatouri Tori Floyd says:

    These dope

  16. Melissa Evangelisti says:

    Yay I get to have a pair of sneakers Clemon Harris cant get

  17. Steven Bennett says:

    Matt Michalski

  18. Matt Michalski says:

    Steven Bennett too bad they GS Lol

  19. Jason Nahwatchnoface says:

    Super Ill

  20. Rondell Sam says:

    these over steel 10s any and everyday !