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I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly. Kevin Durant is a fan of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. With fond memories in Maryland of his Aunt Pearl serving up PB&Js when he was a kid, KD wanted to pay tribute to one of his favorite foods with a special colorway of his new signature sneaker. The Nike KD VI “Peanut Butter and Jelly” fully embodies its nickname, dressed in laser orange, raspberry red and black for balance. What truly separates this KD VI from the pack is the large Swoosh that literally looks like it is dripping with raspberry jelly.

Get a detailed look at this sweet sneaker below, and let us know what you think in the comment section underneath. Prepare yourself for these PB&J KDs this Saturday for $130.

Nike KD VI “Peanut Butter & Jelly”

Laser Orange/Raspberry Red/Black-Gold
October 19, 2013





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  • lvn_da_sicklife

    nicekicks ItTakesPractice

  • neto19

    details, everything’s on details.

  • tha_data

    nicekicks I’m glad Nike is making these so the hypebeasts can focus they’re attention off my jays .. y’all can keep ur burrito shoes haha

  • albezzzy_

    ikicksG they’re nice !!

  • Big_KevRock

    Adams_101 nicekicks you gonna wear a banana suit with em?

  • Adams_101

    Big_KevRock nicekicks

  • Jamie Speedy Canavan

    Arman Slowmo Johari

  • Joel Oliver

    Looks more like some of then circus peanuts to me, my peanut butter is browner in color….

  • Tyrell Johnson

    These hoes live

  • Matthew Campbell

    love the colorway, but the silhouette of the shoe is hideous.

  • Big_KevRock

    “Adams_101: Big_KevRock nicekicks”

  • TaVe Tapia

    Chuladas de tenías del peanut butter wolf!

  • Francoisnm M P-a


  • rr_willis

    CJ_SPILLher nicekicks them pretty serious

  • Darrius Harris

    I want tyem

  • CJ_SPILLher

    rr_willis those are hott fiyah

  • CollinWirkus

    mexi_chino ya kd whack

  • BrantleighJ

    nicekicks TeDs888

  • rr_willis

    CJ_SPILLher gotta own em

  • CJ_SPILLher

    rr_willis after you wear your pair, let me borrow them

  • Angel232425

    nicekicks they are awesome

  • rr_willis

    CJ_SPILLher let me sleep on it

  • Mr516

    SOLEly_ball15 wanna see em? Lol

  • SOLEly_ball15


  • JourdonLaBarber

    Chris_Hoffman12 like you got your first chain!

  • Mr516

    SOLEly_ball15 going upstairs…

  • DarnellDW

    nicekicks should be women only

  • B_ballCoach

    “nicekicks: the Nike KD VI “Peanut Butter & Jelly””Totally PhoenixMercury shoe!

  • Fgs Dee


  • Sam Whyte

    Tianze Yu Simon Li want.

  • Simon Li


  • One_Trick_King

    nicekicks thats a nice name 4 these shoes peanut butter and jelly

  • Jeffrey Poon

    Benjamin Chiang

  • adithyaNY

    nicekicks daamn!!

  • Greg Mims



    nicekicks these are terrible.

  • MrFakeDope

    Rnicekicksks: PB&J -&gt

  • SusanAbrams

    been had them when they first came out