Nike Air Zoom Flight 98 “The Glove” Detailed Images

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Gary Payton’s Nike Air Zoom Flight 98 “The Glove” will hit shelves at a number of retailers this weekend, much to the delight of ’90s sneaker-enthusiasts and GP fans alike. Designed to fit like its name, these shrouded classics feature monkey-hand support on the inner base and a stretchable zip-up cover. The first colorway to be retrod is the iconic OG black and white style code that Payton wore in Seattle with the Sonics, and again when he won his only NBA Championship in Miami. Get an up-close and personal look at the “Gloves” below, and let us know if you’re going to lock down a pair when they release Saturday for $145 at select Nike retailers, including

Nike Air Zoom Flight 98 “The Glove”
Black/White-University Red
October 12, 2013





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Jordan Howenstine is a full-time Staff Writer for Nice Kicks who is originally from Lansing, MI. He is a basketball addict and sneaker enthusiast currently residing in Austin, TX.

17 Comments on "Nike Air Zoom Flight 98 “The Glove” Detailed Images"

  1. Chevy_Rider6790

    Didnt these come out on the 5th? or was that just in stores? Because i wanted these and couldnt find them for sell online

  2. Mark Ownz U

    yo my foot locker been having these out for almost a week..i think they got the release dates messed up lol

  3. shanedcox

    @Chevy_Rider6790 this has been a confusing release. some online sites released them last weekend. Some footlockers have them now. Some places are releasing them this weekend.
    I got mine from my local Nike store that released them yesterday. I don’t know man, it has been confusing. good luck.

  4. Chevy_Rider6790

    @shanedcox Thanks, and yea this is a very confusing release. This is what happens when you change the release date at the last moment and is also the reason i stick with buying Jordans

  5. shoeman89

    @Chevy_Rider6790 @shanedcox for now on deal with eastbay, but you have to call them direct on 8am after a big release… I thought I wouldn’t be able to get them but I did by luck.. I buy my Jordan’s off-line because they do raffles down..And the guys at the store save the tickets for there friend’s

  6. Chevy_Rider6790

    @shoeman89  @Chevy_Rider6790  @shanedcox I usually only buy from footlocker. I need to know the price for these in GS sizes now because my girl has small feet. I want to be prepared on the 12th just in case i get a chance to grab us a pair

  7. Pretty sure I got my pair this weekend. In a Champs. In real life, physically, and not online. Maybe it’s because I live in Tucson AZ. I don’t know. I remember reading on complex’s the “10 things that sneaker blogs do that suck” or whatever, and I remember them saying that bloggers put the wrong dates intentionally. Just saying. I also recall reading on NT that people were getting them easily, at retail, in stores. Last weekend tho. 
    Ok not to assume malicious intent by way of NiceKicks. But guys you gotta hit the streets yourselves, because these not only released at Champs, but at Shoe Palace here on the west as well.

  8. shoeman89

    I just checked my tracking status with ups it said I will be receiving my GP’s tomorrow..I am not going to get the steel 10’s but I will be getting the retro 12’s blk & white, that’s another hot shoe I already have the Chicago 10 in my collection.. I get all my Jordan’s from sneakerspy size 13 is hard to come by..hypebeast changed the game in hi skool it was 3 guys with all the J’s me & two other guys.. I wud go on base to purchase my shoe’s@Just_A_Person

  9. Sergio Muniz

    What I want to know is when are the white/black ones coming out? It said Oct. 5, but these were released then. So does that mean the white/black pair are dropping this weekend?

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