Nike, Jordan Brand and OHSU have just unveiled the 2013 Doernbecher Freestyle collection, and one pair sure to get a lot of attention is the Air Jordan 10 included in this year’s group. Benefitting Doernbecher Children’s Hospital and designed by 12-year-old Daniel Pena, these special 10s celebrate reinvention with a modified logo, clear outsole (the first ever on an Air Jordan 10) and glossy camo print inspired by Daniel’s love of video games. These Jordans, along with the rest of the 2013 Doernbecher Freestyle collection, will launch at Nike retail locations and later this fall, so stay tuned to Nice Kicks for all the latest info. Learn more about Daniel’s love of Michael Jordan and personal reinvention as an athlete battling hemophilia, as well as the rest of the 2013 Doernbecher Freestyle designers, at Nike, Inc.






  • JojoGarcia_

    nicekicks damn those are bad

  • Slo_Purpp

    nicekicks craaaZZZY

  • _agoodSAMaritan

    nicekicks _DWaves So sexy bro

  • ludachris8

    nicekicks how much does the hospital get off resales? Make more pair JB

  • Whodatdude304

    nicekicks copped

  • SirChingAlot

    Its_LoSo_ nicekicks I saw that bro,so far not feeling them..u?

  • BlazhinBlasian

    nicekicks these DBs are ugly but made for a good cause

  • Its_LoSo_

    SirChingAlot yeah not feeling them either

  • mroliverkc

    Not feeling these, but those foams though!

  • TheRealGreatness

    Ever seen some Doernbechers sit on some shelves? This fall at select Nike retailers.

  • JWeezyDaGod

    nicekicks these better than them 5s!! #JBH

  • FireKicks_Icy

    nicekicks I Love The Db 10’s

  • mackygirl321

    They are sweet

  • clphillips20

    mackygirl321 I concur

  • LuceroSteven


  • LuceroSteven

    nicekicks TOUGH

  • EazzyStayStoned

    i hope everybody sleeps on these so i can cop em

  • DarrenPJr

    Cold RT nicekicks: Air Jordan 10 “Doernbecher” Designed by Daniel Pena

  • DanielPanahi

    YouTwittFace14 nicekicks so getting them

  • Sedrick Finnie

    Weak. Good cause though, can’t knock that.

  • Derick Altruistic Lamar


  • Jacek Nowicki

    Ugly af

  • Cory Wilkerson

    Ima pass on them.

  • Derick Altruistic Lamar

    Never mind… That bottom! #ewww

  • Ray Marziani


  • Sean Gonzalez

    David Valdez

  • D’Mitri Reneau

    Passing on them, but i support the cause

  • Sgt Jonathan Loco Jackson

    Id rock em

  • Winfred Suarez


  • Kade Keyes

    I want them these r deff one of the best 10s

  • Mike Thompson

    Nice, good for that kid using his imagination/creativity on a shoe and making how HE wanted it to look.

  • Lushus Cox


  • Abdul Muhammad

    Brian Willert Brandon Pearlman

  • Brian David Willert

    Nice. Abdul Muhammad

  • Abdul Muhammad

    These are gonna be a very hard cop Brian David Willert

  • Marcus Donnell Anderson


  • Brian David Willert Lol

  • James Rebel Paschall
  • Hunter Neville

    Those are fresh.

  • Cub_ADubDub

    james_macneill nicekicks those are SUPER ugly

  • james_macneill

    Cub_ADubDub I like em

  • Eric Little

    now these are knida fly Jonte Chant

  • James Farrior Jr.

    Not bad at all

  • Dylan Curtis

    Ugly af

  • Dylan Curtis

    Ugly af

  • Baxter Parcher Charles

    Elijah Robinson ooooooooooooooooooo gaaaaaaaaaaaaawd

  • Michael Kim-Schnackenberg


  • Ethan Gofstein

    want em

  • Cisco Sandoval

    The ONLY reason this shoe will sell out is because of the resell market. This shoe wouldn’t even get picked up at an outlet store back in the 90’s & early 2000’s. WOW how the game has changed.

  • Alexander Iverson

    Corey Scott Franklin wtf

  • Neezy

    @TheRealGreatness¬†Never going to happen. DBs are bought off the strength of being “DBs” as is. I like these, but hate the Foams. *shrug* There’s a buyer for everything.

  • VAstory804


  • WordIsAlex

    nicekicks foams by a landslide

  • Im_Mixed

    nicekicks Foams

  • ForeverMoneyBee

    nicekicks foams BY FAR

  • Halleemhabbas_

    nicekicks foams for sure but i had a dream i bought those 10’s so im getting both.

  • burnsumthin

    nicekicks DB 10s no doubt.

  • MDLJ21

    nicekicks Jordan 10s

  • GamerAllDay19

    nicekicks foams easily the 10s looks like those AJ Fusions IMO

  • JoshDhani

    nicekicks Foams

  • Spacey_N_Trill

    nicekicks LilTroy002 I NEED THEM FOAMS IN MY LIFE BUT THEM 10s HEAT

  • LilTroy002

    Spacey_N_Trill they both

  • Spacey_N_Trill


  • minhphamous

    nicekicks jake dering’s free run 5.0 be brave!

  • LilTroy002

    Spacey_N_Trill I feel that

  • MacDaddyTee

    nicekicks foams by a landslide.

  • AphroWitSole

    nicekicks 10s

  • MansaKemwer

    nicekicks Foams but man those 10’s are heat!!!

  • usedbrain4sale

    nicekicks neither

  • SwizzleBSM

    nicekicks will the foanposites be a public release and if so when?

  • JohnOcampo2

    SwizzleBSM nicekicks DBs are never a public release. Nike twitter link and select nike towns. Closest one usually being NY

  • SwizzleBSM

    JohnOcampo2 nicekicks so online and select cities?

  • JohnOcampo2

    SwizzleBSM nicekicks yes

  • SwizzleBSM

    JohnOcampo2 nicekicks well I’ll try and get em cause they’re super sick

  • JohnOcampo2

    SwizzleBSM nicekicks they’re ridiculous

  • SwizzleBSM

    JohnOcampo2 nicekicks oh I know one of the best I’ve seen in awhile

  • JohnOcampo2

    SwizzleBSM nicekicks hell of a great trading shoe too just saying

  • SwizzleBSM

    JohnOcampo2 nicekicks yeah but I’d never trade em

  • Chevisregal

    nicekicks ha ha I tried to start this on Sunday. Foams jumped over the jumpman

  • jgpenrod

    nicekicks any info on a release date for the DB10’s?

  • jgpenrod

    nicekicks any info on a release date for the DB10’s?

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