The “Bel-Air” collection continues as detail photos of the Air Jordan XX8 SE rendition are unveiled. Taking cues from the shrouded Air Jordan XX8, we see the remixed version covered in colorful camo print, borrowing its pantone palette from the ’90s-era Fresh Prince. Despite its aesthetics, this colorway of the XX8 SE manages to preserve its performance points, featuring carbon fiber in the appropriate parts, in addition to the revolutionary Flight Plate technology. A concrete drop date isn’t solid as of yet, but you can count on these to drop before the end of the year, especially with the “Bel-Air” Air Jordan 5 dropping early next month. Until then, stick around here at Nice Kicks for updates.

air-jordan-xx8-se-bel-air-01 air-jordan-xx8-se-bel-air-02 air-jordan-xx8-se-bel-air-03 air-jordan-xx8-se-bel-air-04

Source: Hypebeast/Kenlu

  • jamesomatic

    I could do something with these..

  • Jason Osborne

    Hell no.

  • Cory Wilkerson

    I like

  • Michael Trevathan

    Yes I can Rock the air Jordan xx8 sr bel-air

  • Loc Jesus

    nice kicks. pleaze stop posting trash . about to unfollow . smhhgg

  • redhops23

    YEs sirs!

  • PrettyToneyy


  • Marcelo Timones

    NO. They are ultra nuclear fruity.

  • Kyle Winkler


  • Vasco Duarte

    Of course!

  • Kamp Sodsaikich

    Dennis Jordan

  • Jailyn Goins

    I’ll have to pass

  • Sherie Berrie


  • King Ali


  • Jeremy Lamm


  • Jobert Mabida


  • Darnell Yancey


  • Kayatta Patton

    All black everything….these are just too fruit loopy

  • Yung Maully-Maul Montana

    Yea only on Easter

  • Kirk Newman


  • Waidlerx888

    zhengman1234 Those are sick

  • Montray Solomon

    no XX8 is wearable in my opinion.

  • Quantel GotTwomakeit Carter

    i think those made the list!!!

  • Terron Johnson


  • Christopher Walker

    Looks like the beginning to “In Living Color” of you ask me…….

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  • Leeland White

    un follow they dont need you

  • Monte Carthon


  • Nicholas Brady

    Jimmy Gravy Richards

  • Greg Guerrero

    They better give will smith and fam free bel-air everything

  • Greg Guerrero

    They better give will smith and fam free bel-air everything

  • Mariah Williamson

    Is so rock em

  • Mariah Williamson

    Is so rock em

  • Mariah Williamson


  • Mariah Williamson


  • Mj Vincent Johnson


  • Mj Vincent Johnson


  • Gerald Hyler

    Hell yeah!

  • Brian Kim

    i want the unc camos

  • Paolo Carlos

    same color of crocs, nokia, and the newest iphone 5c..what the!

  • James Yeretsian

    Bahador Pourvakil get these

  • Bahador Pourvakil

    James Yeretsian when do they come out??

  • Jade Siojo


  • Chuck Haze

    i think a gay person would wear these.

  • Jarrod Cody Lee Folse

    Joe! Can’t wait!

  • Dave Henry

    with a passion

  • Dorian OhSoblessed Sublett

    i actually likes these ones

  • Edward Harris Cruz Rivera

    You’re gay just for saying that.

  • Geoff Huang

    when I play basketball yes off court no

  • Daniel Ball

    Hellz yeah, bring it on.

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  • chuongthai

    nicekicks sick!!!

  • Matthew Perkins

    shitty as hell man. must be color blind if ya like those.

  • Matt Grossmann

    what in the name of god is that

  • Chino Rivera

    nope, however I do like the XX8’s without the shroud or whatever the hell you wanna call that crap. Wouldn’t have been as bad if the shroud didn’t go up towards your calf. It would be perfect if it was like the GP”gloves”

  • Jake Faust

    XX8 is Great on court

  • Shawn Hall

    That color is crazy!!!!

  • Shawn Hall

    El Bueno??

  • El Bueno

    Shawn Shawn Hall I actually like this color way better

  • Whardo VeeCee

    John Christopher M Reyes

  • mrelliotnesd

    If I were a girl I would wear these but how come they look horrible period.