Carmelo Anthony now has a different signature shoe for every year of the last decade. Anthony’s Jordan Melo M10 marks his progression into double digit sneakers, becoming the first Jordan Brand athlete whose name isn’t Michael Jordan to have 10 shoes in his line. Melo’s newest design seems to have taken inspiration from the Air Jordan XX8 on the heel, wavy midsole and extended outsole. First previewed in a New York light blue, black and orange style code, the Jordan Melo M10 seems ready to help the Knicks superstar make another run at his first title.

Is this one of the best Jordan Melo silhouettes to date? Tell us what you think in the feedback box underneath, and keep shooting to Nice Kicks for any future information.

  • Bank$

    Looks like a pretty good shoe for balling, i think the right colorway will make these pop too … not saying these will sell out but looks like it well sell well for Jordan brand.

  • DaLonelyStoner_

    Look Like The XX8 SEs

  • Nick Ryan

    jordan 9 look

  • Nick Ryan

    jordan 9 look

  • Jonte SleepyWhite Brinson

    Melo XX8.5’s

  • Jonte SleepyWhite Brinson

    Melo XX8.5’s

  • Aaron Burnette

    looks like the xx8 se

  • Aaron Burnette

    looks like the xx8 se

  • Voon60

    These have THE EXACT same midsole/sole as the XX8 and XX8 SE…what’s going on here?

  • Mike Hoy

    I prefer m9’s.

  • Mike Hoy

    I prefer m9’s.

  • Paolo Mercado

    Flight panel(?) setup getting a little repetitive in the brand, but this looks good. Probably a more sensible choice over the more expensive XX8 SE

  • Paolo Mercado

    Flight panel(?) setup getting a little repetitive in the brand, but this looks good. Probably a more sensible choice over the more expensive XX8 SE

  • Chris Hancock

    I understand the xx8 flightplate is great and all, but they could’ve altered the midsole a little.

  • ????????? ????

    Exactly what I said I wouldn’t cop em

  • Sabrina Welles

    i like them there sexy

  • Chris Logan


  • Moses Allan Salgado

    Changed silhouette

  • Giovanni Sherman


  • Bin Nguyen

    must cop

  • ThePrufessa

    these are hands down the best melo’s he’s ever had. right after the V.5s. i need to break my black/univ. blue V.5’s out tonight. haven’t worn them in a few years.

  • Put_m_On_Skates

    nicekicks carmeloanthony down… I wish they would go back to his earlier year designs

  • SteveTsak

    nicekicks carmeloanthony thumbs up, any news on release of 1.5s?

  • thatsmylevel

    nicekicks carmeloanthony must copp

  • Chi Wai L

    Moritz, sieht ja wirklich aus wie der 28er

  • Simon Tran

    Jordan Piloto

  • DreJohnWRDB

    nicekicks carmeloanthony I give em’ a #ThumbsUp but I would have liked to have seen the other side of the shoe too. #Melo10

  • Paolo Miguel Racelis

    shoes for 2014? switch to jordan.

  • Olly Williams

    The upper looks similar to the Under Armor Torch 2

  • Vick__AL

    nicekicks no

  • DreJohnWRDB

    nicekicks Yes! #Melo10

  • LaidBack_T

    Yup , let dudes sleep so I can cop way below retail RT nicekicks: Can you see yourself rocking the Jordan Melo M10?

  • raydennis

    nicekicks no.

  • Moritz Mlosch

    I told you

  • Kyu Hoon Kim

    I think these re not jordan.

  • Blend Rugova

    I got M8 and they are amazing,but these ones are kinda ugly

  • Gregory Wright

    perfect !

  • Mark Anthony Soliven

    looks like a hybrid of aj xx8 9 10

  • Kyle Bartnick


  • Bing Liu

    wack!! sry Melo

  • Dennis Jay Mendoza

    Joseph Benedict Narvasa

  • SeffsEvilTwin

    nicekicks carmeloanthony Jumpman23 no, the 18.5 was…if that counts

  • iNKdn_reckless

    nicekicks carmeloanthony Jumpman23 i still think the 1.5’s Navy white & red are tuff

  • GeeLow315YPR

    nicekicks carmeloanthony Jumpman23 aite, but not the best

  • iNKdn_reckless

    nicekicks carmeloanthony Jumpman23 the M3s Navy white & red are still the tuffest to me…

  • jamesmurphypdx

    nicekicks Negative. Melo 5.5 and it isn’t even close…

  • DarrenSpencer

    smh….. idk… I just don’t know. i’m kinda not feeling them….. drop those gold star m9’s please.

  • vmaldo6437

    those kicks are boss dude melo created a well-designed shoe, even though it may look like a knock off of the jordan xx8 to people

  • ThePrufessa

    Best ones ever. 2nd best are the V.5s.