FILA 2014 Preview

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Alongside their ’96 “OLY” that is being inducted into The Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto, FILA is previewing a small portion of their plans for 2014. Highlighted by the coveted FILA Grant Hill III and an all-white FILA 95, this preview makes it clear that the brand shows no signs of slowing down. FILA has a strong lineup for 2014 that covers multiple models. Also quoted to release in 2014 is the FILA M Squad, FILA Stack 2, and Original Tennis Shoe. Get the preview’s details underneath, and let us know which FILA you’re looking forward to the most in the comment section at the bottom of the page.


Original Grant Hill III image via Sneaker Files.

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Jordan Howenstine is a full-time Staff Writer for Nice Kicks who is originally from Lansing, MI. He is a basketball addict and sneaker enthusiast currently residing in Austin, TX.

22 Comments on "FILA 2014 Preview"

  1. bubblegoose

    These were ahead of its time and came out before the foamposites, which are somewhat similar on a design aspect.

  2. Cool, I like the Grant Hill 3 but in the black and white colorway. But what I’m really looking forward to see back are the Stackhouse 2 mid and I want to see the Mashburns back the ones with that swirl design on the midsoles.

  3. Michael Kim-Schnackenberg

    oh gawd i love this shoe. i remember becoming an instant Grant Hill fan because of this one because my mom bought me most of my shoes from Payless growing up…lol…and this was actually kinda cool to wear and wasn’t even made fun of at my YMCA basketball league for my shoes the whole time I rocked Grant Hills.
    I also started drinking Sprite and rockin’ Hill’s Pistons jersey all over Texas. Ah…fond memories.

  4. Gib Rangel

    i had the 3’s and fx 100’s back in the day.. i didn’t call them the fx 100’s tho i called em the filas with the strap

  5. FreddyBlaze

    Dope Kicks…. young suckas fallback and chase JB’s all you want…. these kicks hold a piece in history as well.  Grant Hill II or Fila 96 as they labeled them, are one of the most comfortable kicks out there…..

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