While we await the release of the “King’s Pride” and “Terracotta Warrior” LeBron 11s, we get a close-up look at the Nike LeBron 11 Black/Red – a colorway that King James might spend the majority of the Heat’s road games in – by way of Gary Warnett’s Instagram account. The Hyperfuse construction is based in black, while the actual shell of the shoe is covered in red. A contrasting, white Swoosh, plus red lace locks and Black/White laces, compliment the shoe’s vibrant appeal. Stay tuned for release information regarding the Nike LeBron 11 Black/Red.

Nike LeBron 11

  • Xavier Hunter

    So far that’s the best colorway of the LeBron 11 that I’ve seen.

  • Xavier Hunter

    So far that’s the best colorway of the LeBron 11 that I’ve seen.

  • John Dong

    I cant afford!! its oke never liked him anyways!

  • Dre Diaz

    Cats walking around like there master chief haha

  • Paul Pagola

    robot shoes

  • Lawrence Duran

    No. Will cop the “King’s Pride” & “Terracotta Warrior” colorways.

  • Brian Beach Boy Zarate

    Ill cop these and maybe another sick colorway

  • Terry Bruce Herring II

    Shannon D Langdon

  • Shannon D Langdon

    Terry Bruce Herring II best ones I’ve seen so far outta these

  • Antonio To

    Ok ok Hoang Truong Jason Trieu

  • Jhibraiil Abdulla


  • Kristi Begeal


  • Nick Vinyard

    He just shared the terracota warriors

  • Dante Jay Harris

    10s still harder

  • Jason Chi

    Allen Jang Youalreadynoe

  • Sean Doyle

    It’s amazing how many idiots will go out and buy a terribly ugly shoe just because some d-bag slaps his name on it. Theses are ridiculously fugly, anyone who disagrees is either blind, retarded, or being paid by Nike.

  • Nick Bandison

    those are some ugly ass kicks

  • Nathaniel Beezy Brown

    They ok. Not his best shoe.

  • Tristain Prosper

    David these are a yes!

  • Chris Raudez

    Jeromy Homerston these are dope

  • Andrew John Marsh

    Go home Nike, you’re drunk

  • Praxis Mata

    Vero N Ivan

  • Vero N Ivan

    Yeah those Colors look Nicer bro !!!! Praxis Mata

  • Calvin Ukpai

    no they ugly af

  • Zavier Andrianarivo

    Yes, I’m actually really enjoying the LeBron XI colorways

  • J_Grant74

    “nicekicks: Black/Red -> http://t.co/NnsRrT7Fn1 or Terracotta Warrior -> http://t.co/K5zLAfEOk3? http://t.co/3B0Sekxu6z” terra

  • rayray_da_flip

    nicekicks terracota warrior

  • Steadypuffing

    nicekicks – since were i stay they never have the new releases is there a erb site i can buy from

  • Shawn Smith


  • Ofwgkta Oliver


  • WeLoveBigBootys

    nicekicks warrior

  • oOoDREDAYoOo

    nicekicks nah that parachute Gold is crazy

  • Matthew Jimenez

    every 2 minutes a new colorway is announced

  • Juan Orellana

    Rene Frias there u go ganner

  • ChuckDaGawd

    nicekicks black an red lookin crazy!!

  • GadingKinara

    nicekicks THATS SICK?!

  • GadingKinara

    “nicekicks: Black/Red -> http://t.co/hulfik3Y5K or Terracotta Warrior -> http://t.co/CQOU3oQH2A? http://t.co/1CeAJU9Ziu”

  • Ernest John Cranmer Jr.

    LOVE!!! :)

  • blanco8791

    nicekicks Dope Kickz

  • Macoy Estrera Aben

    astig…futuristic ang dating

  • dezzie79

    Naw at first I thought the shoe was dope with the first colorway but now I don’t know shoulda went black or a different color for the soles not let the red bleed all the way down.