Since Gary Payton announced the release date of the Nike Air Zoom Flight 98 “The Glove,” this shoe has been deemed the must-have of October. A week after the White/Black pair is said to release (October 5), Nike is scheduled to launch this Black/White-University Red to select retailers nationwide. The complimenting University Red accents can be seen on the outsole, heel tab and inside the shroud, while the majority of the shoe is covered in black and white. The Nike Air Zoom Flight 98 “The Glove” Black/White-University Red will hit retailers on October 12, 2013 for $140. Check out our “Release Dates” page for other drops in October.

Nike Glove


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Source: Kinetics

  • Erick Lamb

    definitely copping a pair.

  • Esteban Rodriguez

    Must cop them hoes.. use to have them..them hoes 2 fly

  • Scottie Lei


  • Charles Moore

    Will buy but under retail.

  • Jordan Whittenburg

    Cannot wait for these

  • Adam Roberts

    I wish but they killing us with that $140 tage.

  • joel oliver

    Anyone know how wide these releases will be?

  • Joel Oliver

    Any idea how wide the releases will be?

  • Rueben Flores

    Passed on them 15 years ago, I’ll pass on them again…

  • Sam Dollaz

    I plan to copp hope not to hyped up or I’ll pass I don’t wait in lines or camp out for nothing

  • Matthew Gilbert

    Gary Payton??? Yea i didn’t really like his game or his shoes back jk da day

  • Dejawn Juiced Up Davis


  • Randell Ferguson


  • Michael Angelo Lotho

    Argel Joseph Tan

  • Issur D. Manikad

    Had them then, coppin em now

  • Marcus Walls

    Yes, yes, ye$

  • Raymond Norris

    Monica Norris

  • Kristin Stunzi

    Jon Stunzi

  • Andre Alvarado

    Hope so

  • Jon Ian Parojinog

    i had these back in 98/99…i’d go for the white/black though…

  • Cecy Evelyn Macias

    So many memories… :'(

  • Phillip Dejesus

    I think ima get them Victor Cabrera

  • Rex Serna

    Ken Darrough Chadwick Franks Ashlee Oliver Adrian Hunter Anthony Parks

  • Nick Brizzi

    damn cop

  • Chris Martin

    hell yea

  • Ben Efits

    I’m copp in them. Not waiting any line for non basketballers to buy up ever pair just to double them on ebay. If you not a real hooper im cutting in front bra. (go home and practice)

  • Daniel Martinez

    I’ve been waiting on these can’t wait to get them

  • SmoothMcDuck

    djmoe713 man I’m gettin them hoes mite need to double up

  • Nick Miller

    GPs Please!!!

  • Robert Paluay

    gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme!

  • 6threenerd

    nicekicks now get me a pair!!

  • patt7544

    nicekicks yeah but is the flightposite dropping this weekend

  • Mr1983ink

    nicekicks I need a these I was in the 10th grade and bought all these

  • Ernest John Cranmer Jr.

    I Might COP These Next Saturday @ House of Hoops by Foot Locker at Arden Fair Mall !!! :)

  • Ronald Reyes

    how muchhhhhh

  • djmoe713

    SmoothMcDuck Yeah the white 1s drop first I think I want the black ones tho. I’m glad they don’t got a crazy price tag.

  • yungjacques

    QueBatiste1 I need them patna!!!

  • Derick Mason Lim

    Raymark Ong i want this!!

  • Derick Mason Lim

    Raymark Ong i want this!!

  • Raymark Ong

    Derick Mason Lim pang maliit na paa lng toh eh.. D ka pwede! Haha

  • Raymark Ong

    Derick Mason Lim pang maliit na paa lng toh eh.. D ka pwede! Haha

  • Derick Mason Lim

    Raymark Ong nindot kaayo oi…

  • Christopher John Lida

    Pino Escobarr

  • rice_dan

    nicekicks what shoe is this?

  • XxTrue2dagamexX

    nicekicks u know it

  • ItsthaKMack

    nicekicks any word on the Air Gp 2

  • ColinSheaa

    nicekicks JE_Three

  • ChrisShane12

    nicekicks Where’s the October release list

  • Eui Soo Kim

    ??? ??? ????…

  • Pino Escobarr
  • Pino Escobarr
  • FreddyBlaze