Nike Air Force 1 “Cleveland Classic” Custom

Tomorrow, Tuskegee University and Winston-Salem State go at it on the gridiron in the Cleveland Classic football game. The annual HBCU event commissioned the always creative PMK Customs for the football themed Nike Air Force 1 “Cleveland Classic” Custom. Real football leather stands out on the upper, complemented by lace stitching on the toe box and themed tagging on the tongue. Would you rock this pigskin pair? Let us know in the comment section.

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Nike Air Force 1 Cleveland Classic Custom

Nike Air Force 1 Cleveland Classic Custom

Nike Air Force 1 Cleveland Classic Custom


  1. Drichard says:


  2. James Howard says:

    Football air 1′s!!These are rockable 8)

  3. Benjamin Wolf says:

    ive ever liked brown shoes till now, bad ass

  4. Quinn Cox says:

    The toebox reshape looks amazing

  5. Patrick Roll Tide Carter says:

    Too bad the browns suck

  6. Rob Bernal says:

    Them’s are sueded leather too. Hell ya rock those tailgating at the (Raiders) game.

  7. Raul Ochoa says:

    Dont like it too much itll get traded

  8. Levi Hudson says:

    Jeff Millmier

  9. Justin Gonzalez says:

    hell yes

  10. Torin Shields says:

    I’d cop, them trade em week 2 (too soon?)

  11. Ryan Hank says:

    Is anyone going to randomly trade them away when im wearing them

  12. Rubin Taylor says:

    Nope ugly as Hell might rock in different color or maybe even in leather!

  13. Jeremiah Benton Jerms Art says:

    Nope…my AF1′s match my team (RAIDERS) full 3M refective upper in silver and swoosh and midsole are black. I’ll stick with em ;-)

  14. Xavier Johnson says:


  15. Oscar Garcia says:

    Hell naww oll just get some forces to match the color of my team

  16. Oscar Garcia says:


  17. Tony Madison says:


  18. Hal Wiz Brooks says:

    Those are hot, look like s football to me wit d laces near d toe

  19. Mel N Jorge Ortega says:

    Larry Gallagher

  20. Larry Gallagher says:

    Mel N Jorge Ortega Nice! Though we’d probably just trade the shoe for a future pick lol