Air Jordan 5 “3Lab5″ Unboxing

Love abounds for the OG Jordans, but there’s always room for a new take on a classic. Taking this into consideration, Jordan Brand went back into the laboratory to craft the appropriately named Air Jordan 5 “3Lab5″. Elemental elephant print is the texture of choice for this re-up, and up above, you can get a closer look at the shoe in the latest installment of Nice Kicks Unboxing.


  1. Greg Mims says:

    THESE WERE MAE 4 ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Don LuCiano says:

    i’m saying the same thing

  3. Justin Dufault says:

    $225 lo0ol

  4. Greg Mims says:


  5. Maurice Curry says:

    WHY ppl trippin bout 225??

  6. rant and whine says:

    still the ugliest Js to date

  7. Abby says:

    Yeahhhh I need these, where can I buy them? :)

  8. torrell says:

    In wat stores r these shoes

  9. Shontell Hill says:

    Where can i get the 3lab5. How much are they in a size 7.

  10. I also would like an email update on alk the Jordans on this line . Thank you in advance