First Look: Li-Ning Way of Wade 2

Often overshadowed by LeBron James’ heroics, Dwyane Wade’s 23 and 10 in game 7 of the NBA Finals was equally important to the Miami Heat’s second straight championship. D-Wade showed out at the most critical time in his first signature with Li-Ning, and today we have a first on-foot look at his sequel sneaker. Previewed by the man himself, the Li-Ning Way of Wade 2 is rolled out in a Heat black and red colorway. Sticking with glossy black leather, a two-tone midsole and laces, the WOW 2 will look to further progress Flash’s signature line.

What are your first thoughts on D-Wade’s new sneaker? Type a line into the feedback box underneath, and keep coming back this way to Nice Kicks for any future developments.



  1. thecollector says:

    not too  bad

  2. Roshaun IgoDuffy Johnson says:

    I don’t like them

  3. Zach Lary says:

    We need a US release already!

  4. Cory Wilkerson says:

    Give it up. Li-Ning sucks!!!

  5. Niz Dacheefa says:


  6. Dorian Frsh says:

    kinda nice

  7. Dorian Frsh says:

    Unlike Nike they’re trying new design styles.

  8. Tony Tone says:

    i like these

  9. Tony Tone says:

    i like these

  10. Joe Romero says:

    what new design are they using Dorian? They look like a fake ass Lebron 6.

  11. Boris Alessandri Perez says:

    I rather pick up herpes than these eyesores!!

  12. Ant Thaboi-Fya says:

    They might look better in person..

  13. Raf Campos says:


  14. Peter Klomp says:

    Still trying to get my way of wade 1s

  15. Fern Nanndo says:

    What I like about them is that they have their own originality. and the way they put together the colors well spread.
    They look nothing like nike

  16. SirEdgar Munguia says:

    Wnna be Breds

  17. Marcus Raven says:

    keep dreaming hater

  18. Javier Ochoa says:

    Hard, anyone who disagrees is ignorant

  19. steez says:

    looks less bulky with a slimmer streamlined look to it. I like these a lot better than the first ones.

  20. Augie Zulaica says:

    Hope its also the last look.