NIKEiD Teases Glow in the Dark Elephant Print Option

How do you make all-over elephant print louder? By making it glow in the dark. An upcoming option from NIKEiD offers day and night attention, bringing glowing green effect to the popular print. While the previewed pair appears to be a Jordan Spizike, details are still undisclosed as to model and color options for this new feature. Stay tuned to Nice Kicks for updates.

Source: @NIKEiD


  1. Jesus Moreno says:


  2. Tokyo Fontana says:


  3. Phillip DeSouza says:


  4. Chris Hancock says:

    Weak. 12 year old everywhere are excited…

  5. Ravashing Brandon Turner says:


  6. Raymond Markice-Redclaymade Phillips says:

    Hell yea.

  7. Kaire Brown says:

    Not everyone’s lame or a hypebeast because they like something. I really wish that word would die already. Shits too overused.

  8. Bernie Hernando says:


  9. Miguel Miramontes says:


  10. Nick Brizzi says:


  11. Jordon Christopher Kane says:

    That’s sweet!

  12. Tamelo Bailang says:


  13. Eddie Baez says:

    Spencer KreamKrew Lewis

  14. Emmanuel McMathis says:

    Super cop

  15. Josh Clarkson says:

    Cop for sure

  16. Michael CarolinaMic Baker says:

    Drop. Elephant print is overrated.

  17. Akeem Steele says:

    Cop cop more cop

  18. Brittany Starr Howell says:

    Cop n rock

  19. Ray Marziani says:

    What’s next little velcro pockets

  20. Dezmond BallOuutt Jenkins says:

    Sexy , Them is sexy maaneee