Inspired by Japanese tradition, the Converse First String Jack Purcell “Boro” is a piece of work. There is a longtime practice of art and technique in Japan where recycled cloth is used to produce completely new material, thus the concept behind these “Boro” Jack Purcells. With an upper completely composed of different patched-together textiles, this Converse pays tribute to the times when reusing and recycling materials was vital. Visible stitching adds detail, while a pure white toe box and midsole cleans everything up. This First String Jack Purcell “Boro” is available at select retailers today, so let us know if you’re opening a new tab to start searching for a pair in the comment section below.




Source: Hypebeast

  • Jose Hernandez

    Gisela Garcia

  • StevieGsus

    I have been trying all day to get my hands on a pair in a size 13. Can’t locate anywhere. I have over 40 JPs but I’ve never wanted a pair more than these. Well the Hudson Bay ones I scored today are up there.

  • YellowingSucks