LeBron James’ latest signature sneaker, the Nike LeBron 11, created quite the buzz earlier this week when it was officially unveiled. As King James’ lightest shoe ever, the LeBron 11 features Hyperfuse technology, Dynamic Flywire, full-length Lunarlon and a Zoom Air unit. Once again, the Swoosh on LeBron’s shoe is uniquely repositioned, and the colorways are fresh. The inaugural “King’s Pride” style code illustrates James’ heart of a lion, and now we have a closer look at its full composition.

Are the new LeBrons already locked into your future rotation? Tell us what you think of the design after a closer look in the comment section at the bottom of the page, and gear up for the “King’s Pride” LeBron 11 release on October 12th at your local Nike Basketball retailer.






Source: Hypebeast

  • Evette Mercado

    Nice shoe love dat sneaker

  • DenisPol


  • Jamar Yung Funeral Ellis

    Wen these come out?

  • Darren Schumacher

    October 12th

  • ShoeKidd

    Why is there no one on the internet that can rock there kicks. This dude is wear the LeBron 11 like they’re some vans or something. This is a big, tough ass shoe, if you’re wearing these casually it should be with some jeans or cargo pants.

  • MShaw23

    Them shoes is nicccceee. Everybody in the hood wears Lebrons tho. The weed man wears Lebrons, the bootleg movie dude wears Lebrons, dang even the man on greenfield selling bean pies wears Lebrons. Why should I buy Lebrons if everyone got them? I got a cousin named La’Vonte that only wears Lebrons and that boy cannot be trusted! He kick you with his big O Lebrons under the table on thanksgiving. Oh best believe i’m still going to get these shes tho. If you see these and tell yourself you don’t like them, then you don’t know nothin. zkevinzulu

  • Michael Luong

    Tristan Bautista id get this one

  • Derrick K. Kennerly

    The terra cotta warrior joints r better

  • Peter Durant Pham

    Allen Ledbetter

  • Rafael Sousa

    Ricardo Mascarenhas Silva olha ai um do LeBron James

  • Ricardo Mascarenhas Silva


  • Spencer Boswell

    LeBron James

  • RauShaun White

    Wasn’t feeling the 10’s but the 11’s I’m on them

  • Khadijah Senghore

    Looks crazy, walking around with them on your feet makes it feel like every pair is a custom

  • DongZheng
  • Traybo Cutter

    Oh fasho

  • Mike Keene

    I gotta get these William Mitchem

  • William Mitchem

    Yeah I’ve been talking about these for about a month now. I love the 11s

  • Artee Lewis


  • Neezy

    Still ass.

  • Demetrius Comer

    Looks like iron mans feet lol

  • Shawn Whitehead

    Id wear these for Halloween if I was going as a superhero

  • Brett Caldwell

    hoopin thats it

  • FlyGuy Valencia

    holy crap those look crazy, might finally give in to a pair of lebrons

  • Harvey W Dixon Jr

    can’t wait until October to cop these!!!!

  • Oscar Felix Diaz


  • Flynn John

    Bwa haha yeeeeah that’s the look

  • Juan Balderas Jr

    not my type

  • Scott Dierking

    Yes, certainly

  • Scott Dierking

    If you listen to Game on Khaled’s “Bottles and J’s” and the “Martian” track with Tyler, in the latter he states he will never wear LeBrons. And they both talk shit on “Martians”. Now he’s always in ‘Brons, courtesy of CSS, lmao

  • Coup80


  • Bankai Wella Katsumoto

    Mao ni Walimarc Fran Melecio???… Bahara ani oi…hahahaha…

  • Michael Colon-Rodriguez

    11s already? Feels like the 10s have barely been out

  • Britt Reid

    Still have*^^^

  • Don Tucker

    damn !they are VERY UGLY’ i won’t put these on my feet,where are my JORDAN’S

  • Tristan Sime

    Green Goblin on suicide watch kicks…

  • YellowingSucks

    Nike and Team LeBron may have taken too big of a risk with these, at least for me anyway.

  • Juan Garza


  • Ness Rodriguez


  • Walimarc Fran Melecio

    kana gyud, mao gyud na cya, dba mura GUNDAM? hahaha

  • DanielSavage

    The black/red and gamma blue colorways are nice, and I’ll pick them up the day they drop.  Think I’ll pass on these….and volt joints.

  • footgear92