Ewing 33 Hi White/Gum

You didn’t think Ewing Athletics was done with the Ewing 33 Hi yet, right? After diverting their attention to the Focus and staying on point with the Guard, the brand is prepared to get back to the basics. Unveiling a first look at the newest 33 Hi colorway, a white upper is revisited, this time standing alone with only a gum bottom offering up a change of pace. Release details are on the way, so stay tuned to NiceKicks.com for the news when it drops.


  1. SoJones says:

    nicekicks EwingAthletics love the clean look.

  2. Leslie Germain says:

    i love these, but hate the gum soles.

  3. Charles Thomas says:

    Yes. Yes I am Nice Kicks. Thanks for asking.

  4. Remy Reid says:

    Milky #gumsole for life!

  5. EduardoVasquez says:


  6. YellowingSucks says:

    Yea man, those gum soles ….Gotta love em.

  7. OSWRellz says:

    lorgeisBASED nicekicks EwingAthletics Im koppin I got the bread rn

  8. OSWRellz says:

    lorgeisBASED you gonna kop?

  9. lorgeisBASED says:

    OSWRellz nah I needa come up in cash

  10. lorgeisBASED says:

    OSWRellz nah I needa come up in cash

  11. Jeff Frost Cooper says:


  12. FlyAs Made Sb says:

    I need em

  13. Neezy says:

    YES, baby! YES!