Nike LeBron 11 “Terracotta Warrior” Release Date

We get a taste of a new colorway of the next LeBron James signature as Nike unveils the official photos and release dates of the Nike LeBron 11 “Terracota Warrior.” Hyperfuse is cloaked in Nike’s new Armorposite technology, each representing varied shades of grey. Accent colors come into play as purple provides color to the branding throughout, including the outsole. Aqua is used for the arch shank and Dynamic Flywire, while red appears sparingly to offset the overall use of cool tones. Bringing it all toegther, the trio of hues combine on the smooth fabric inner lining.

According to Nike, Inc, residents of Greater China can expect to cop these as early as October 1, while the rest of the globe will have to wait until November 26 for them to land at retailers. Are the Nike LeBron 11s beginning to build a stronger colorway collection? Leave your thoughts on the upcoming release in the comments.

Nike LeBron 11 “Terracotta Warrior”

UPDATE: November 26, 2013 via Nike.com

Nike LeBron 11 Terracotta Warrior
Nike LeBron 11 Terracotta Warrior back view
Nike LeBron 11 Terracotta Warrior Flywire
Nike LeBron 11 Terracotta Warrior sole
LeBron James wearing the Terracotta Warrior Nike LeBron 11
LeBron James holding the Terracotta Warrior Nike LeBron 11
LeBron James posing with the Nike LeBron 11 Terracotta Warrior

LeBron holding the Terracotta Warrior LeBron 11s


  1. ClarksdaleBeno says:

    nicekicks Do thy transform into sumthing …thy ain’t bad tho.

  2. MrShea says:

    nicekicks is there a price point mentioned for those lebron 11′s?

  3. Anthony Michael LiPetri says:


  4. Brian Linville says:


  5. Paul Hofer says:

    Going backwards Lebron

  6. Ivonté Clopton says:

    Straight garbage. Hypebeast will get em tho

  7. Renato Jefferson says:


  8. Leeland White says:

    i like em :) for under 160

  9. RauShaun White says:

    Shits are Tuff!!! Why complain Jordan retros gonna be 200 by next year

  10. NoahsGood says:

    nicekicks UGHHH

  11. pearson1410 says:

    SJurjevich nicekicks yeah I saw those earlier I’m getting them hands down too sick

  12. ThatSuave__XxgG says:

    Theswaggedupkid they don’t match lol

  13. ThatSuave__XxgG says:

    Theswaggedupkid and plus I seen those

  14. Theswaggedupkid says:

    ThatSuave__XxgG no I was showing you what the newest LeBron’s were. And lol I didn’t think we was gettimg a team shoe this year. I want j’s

  15. ThatSuave__XxgG says:

    Theswaggedupkid ikr

  16. WaterBoyyPagans says:

    people going to say the dope just cause its lebron the soilder VII gold parachute are dope to me but these na maybe diff colorway

  17. DuSt_Goblin says:

    BrianFromWork nicekicks whats the price on these? Def not paying 200

  18. Philip Anthony Gano says:

    off course they tryna charge u a lot coz they aint makin money off lebron

  19. Philip Anthony Gano says:

    still ugly shoes… drose. durant and jordan 4eva

  20. SJurjevich says:

    pearson1410 nicekicks same I don’t even care