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LeBron James’ newest signature sneaker is ready for release – the Nike LeBron 11. The Nike LeBron 11 “King’s Pride” is the first colorway that will kick off the latest line from the Swoosh’s poster boy. Inspired by the king of the jungle, the “King’s Pride” 11 colorway has a dark loden upper and floral print on the collar lining that reflects wildlife pride and helps depict LBJ’s heart of a lion and fearless, determined play.

The “King’s Pride” LeBron 11 is set to release globally on October 12th for $200.

Please follow link to see more detailed images of the Nike LeBron 11 King’s Pride

Nike LeBron 11 King's Pride on LeBron's feet

Swoosh detail of the Nike LeBron 11 King's Pride

Nike LeBron 11 King's Pride tongue

Nike LeBron 11 King's Pride

LeBron James holding the Nike LeBron 11 King's Pride

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  • louisgeneux

    nicekicks price?

  • nicekicks

    louisgeneux still waiting on that official info from Nike

  • louisgeneux

    nicekicks thanks!

  • JPG_MVP4

    “nicekicks: Nike LeBron 11 “King’s Pride” Release Date” it’s a must

  • TheBolt_Debolt

    weathermanfran no kidding! My eyes are on the Gamma Blue Jordan 11s tho. #amazing

  • w283whiteside

    jwing413 probably going to be 200 lol

  • jwing413

    w283whiteside yea def grabbing them thou. #KINGsPRIDE

  • w283whiteside

    jwing413 yeah I will probably get them as well lol

  • weathermanfran

    TheBolt_Debolt you’re one of the first people I’ve heard who really like those. I don’t mind them honestly… they’ll look good on foot

  • TheBolt_Debolt

    weathermanfran I’m sure they will. I wanna get married in Js. And those work with the colors we’re lookin at. #musthave

  • Thomas Akasouthsidetheswooshead Mitchell Jr

    He’s Cashing In On That Shoe Game Now 10 Years and Two titles Later Isn’t He…lol

  • Julius Cariño Lomboy

    Its just another looker… Head turning shoes. Nice design, but its still the same old shiyt?!

  • ???


  • AJ Davis

    Tyler Hampton

  • CurtisThat’s KemoSabe Crawford


  • Chris Palacios

    they look like a combination of jordans 6,7

  • Thao Xiong

    This is as robot lookin shoe as it gets.

  • Cory Pinder

    Those joints look like some shit from gladiator !!!

  • Alejandro El DeBarge Barzart

    Kywane Evans

  • Marlow TheAuthor Franklin


  • Kywane Evans

    I don’t think so. Alejandro Barzart

  • Alejandro El DeBarge Barzart

    Hahaha good job!

  • Christopher Nitz

    Die Da! Danny Fandrich

  • Lennon LebronJames Brown

    The best shoe I’ve seen since the blue penny foamposites and the patent leather Jordan’s…

  • Rob Whalen

    This guy put them in the same category as original penny foams and concords?? lol…they look good on court. I wouldnt throw a unit on with them though

  • Dre Halsell

    Sick shoe

  • Jonny Jellard

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa gimmie gimmie Josh Porteous

  • Joseph Toledo

    idk why so many people dont like them.. i think theyre the best lebrons yet

  • CHAS3R12

    nicekicks how much are the supposed to be?

  • freshsloth

    nicekicks who came up with this dumbass nickname

  • gyallis2141

    JAG1Prod nicekicks di terracotta ones look madd enuh

  • 2realMccoy

    CHAS3R12 200

  • JAG1Prod

    gyallis2141 Gotta check em out


    JAG1Prod basically lebron 9s and Reebok kamekazis fused

  • JAG1Prod

    GVIJIN Gotta see what they look like in person

  • Ju Janes


  • Joseph Perea

    got to have deez!

  • gyallis2141

    JAG1Prod they look like grapes mixed wid what the lebron

  • Cheerioz Ayala

    If they ever end up in an outlet Id cop.

  • Brandon Lockhart

    shit are ugly

  • Aaron Paragas


  • Justos Stackracks Shealey


  • James Dakuykoy Herrera

    shoe came from cybertron

  • FlamboyantChild

    nicekicks Release date for the Nike LeBron 11 “King’s Pride” Dawm Must Have these

  • JordanBumps

    FlamboyantChild nicekicks Im waiting to see these in person!! They might be hot, I love my 10s tho!! Even though i know these gon COST$$!!

  • FlamboyantChild

    JordanBumps nicekicks word they look fly

  • Francisco Javier Borbon Almonte

    Varony Hernandez Santana

  • FlamboyantChild

    JordanBumps nicekicks You click the link they have different pics of em’

  • JordanBumps

    FlamboyantChild nicekicks Yea i mean i aint like the 10s in pictures till i seen in em in the mall and copped em immediaitely lmaoo

  • JaedonGray

    nicekicks JordanGourley34

  • Young Philty Eymzoee


  • JordanGourley34

    JaedonGray nicekicks sweg sweg

  • Aderito Matsimbe

    I’ma buy these ones!!!

  • TimothyBurkes

    The worse looking lebron’s yet to come, but people gonna buy anyway. paying 200 for ugly, got to be nice for making money for it. keep it up James!

  • Vincent Patrick Gemalaya Patriarca

    hope to hev a pair!

  • footgear92
  • KonQuesting

    @TimothyBurkes They are made to play ball not to look good for you, my dear.