Nike LeBron 11 “King’s Pride” Release Date

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LeBron James’ newest signature sneaker is ready for release – the Nike LeBron 11. The Nike LeBron 11 “King’s Pride” is the first colorway that will kick off the latest line from the Swoosh’s poster boy. Inspired by the king of the jungle, the “King’s Pride” 11 colorway has a dark loden upper and floral print on the collar lining that reflects wildlife pride and helps depict LBJ’s heart of a lion and fearless, determined play.

The “King’s Pride” LeBron 11 is set to release globally on October 12th for $200.

Please follow link to see more detailed images of the Nike LeBron 11 King’s Pride

Nike LeBron 11 King's Pride on LeBron's feet

Swoosh detail of the Nike LeBron 11 King's Pride

Nike LeBron 11 King's Pride tongue

Nike LeBron 11 King's Pride

LeBron James holding the Nike LeBron 11 King's Pride

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  1. louisgeneux says:

    nicekicks price?

  2. nicekicks says:

    louisgeneux still waiting on that official info from Nike

  3. louisgeneux says:

    nicekicks thanks!

  4. JPG_MVP4 says:

    “nicekicks: Nike LeBron 11 “King’s Pride” Release Date http://t.co/3p8Mt8Qtbc” it’s a must

  5. TheBolt_Debolt says:

    weathermanfran no kidding! My eyes are on the Gamma Blue Jordan 11s tho. #amazing

  6. w283whiteside says:

    jwing413 probably going to be 200 lol

  7. jwing413 says:

    w283whiteside yea def grabbing them thou. #KINGsPRIDE

  8. w283whiteside says:

    jwing413 yeah I will probably get them as well lol

  9. weathermanfran says:

    TheBolt_Debolt you’re one of the first people I’ve heard who really like those. I don’t mind them honestly… they’ll look good on foot

  10. TheBolt_Debolt says:

    weathermanfran I’m sure they will. I wanna get married in Js. And those work with the colors we’re lookin at. #musthave

  11. Thomas Akasouthsidetheswooshead Mitchell Jr says:

    He’s Cashing In On That Shoe Game Now 10 Years and Two titles Later Isn’t He…lol

  12. Julius Cariño Lomboy says:

    Its just another looker… Head turning shoes. Nice design, but its still the same old shiyt?!

  13. AJ Davis says:

    Tyler Hampton

  14. CurtisThat's KemoSabe Crawford says:


  15. Chris Palacios says:

    they look like a combination of jordans 6,7

  16. Thao Xiong says:

    This is as robot lookin shoe as it gets.

  17. Cory Pinder says:

    Those joints look like some shit from gladiator !!!

  18. Alejandro El DeBarge Barzart says:

    Kywane Evans

  19. Marlow TheAuthor Franklin says: