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The use of snakeskin has dominated the summer season.

With 2013 being the Year of the Snake, we expected the scaly texture to slither through stores on certain silhouettes, but not at this rate. What’s great is that the snakeskin print has been used in many different ways. Whether incorporated as an all-over print or added as a contrasting hint in a subtle way, snakeskin print has undoubtedly controlled the sunny season. As we enter the last few days of August, we take a look back at The 10 Best Uses of Snakeskin on Sneakers this Summer.

10. adidas Originals ADI MC Low “Snakeskin”


Released: April 12, 2013

adidas compliments the use of snakeskin with simplicity on the classic 70s ADI MC Low. An all-over snakeskin print, in brown and black, graces the base, while smooth, polished leather contrasts nicely in the form of the 3-stripes branding and leather heel stay. This is one of the most straightforward uses of snake on this list.



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  • Lg Go Ham

    them adidas hard af

  • Leland Sanders

    yea they are the first 2 hott doe

  • Mike Jordan

    Kobe 8 lifestyle mexican blanket, best shoe with the use of snakeskin. executed perfectly. Built with a solid rubber sole which will maintain hell drag and stitched around the shoe which is great cuz u can keep em on ice for 10-15 years and they wont crack because how they built this awesome shoe for what like 90$?!

  • Adam Rushing

    Legends of summer

  • Leslie Hudler

    The black and white Dunks are fresh but wheres the love for the ladies with the AJ Retro 11 low Snakeskins??

  • ShoeKidd

    Bait X Reebok should be 1. one of my grails.

  • Tavony Zylanz

    My god brother has Snake skin Adidas

  • nocoppowacko

    lmao @ big sean as #1 u kidin me?

  • OnlyDopeShoes

    Bait x reebok hands down…. Didn’t show the blue glow in the dark sole

  • WallStreetBRUH

    “nicekicks: Is the BAIT x Reebok Question the best snakeskin sneaker of the summer?”

  • MJonz44

    nicekicks Reebok if not the best, it is in the top 3

  • CheckTheResume

    TheDakari nicekicks Reebok

  • DannyLo

    nicekicks Reebok Clean look. But those Kobe Pit Vipers are sleepers.

  • Dominic Ransom

    B.a.i.t questions

  • Dominic Ransom

    B.a.i.t questions

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  • Sharkboy23

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