New Balance Numeric Upcoming Releases

Skateboarding isn’t the first avenue that comes to mind when thinking of New Balance. In fact, it wasn’t a thought at all until recent developments. After promoting its venture into the uncharted territory, New Balance is now officially releasing their inaugural batch of skate shoes. Previewed are four different skating models, all in different neutral style codes. The included Quincy 254, Brighton 344, Stratford 479, and Logan 637 are all low-top silhouettes with sleek form and versatile appeal.

The intriguing skateboarding line, New Balance Numeric, is available for $65-$95 at NB stockers such as Premier. What are your thoughts on the running shoe brand’s drop into the ramps? Sound off in the comment spot below, and keep kicking it with Nice Kicks for all of your sneaker news and information.




A Place in the Sun from New Balance Numeric on Vimeo.


  1. Brent Hoffman says:

    Kind of freaking out right now.

  2. Eddie Reid says:

    Gary Ellmore

  3. Leslie Ferrer says:

    That Stratford is looking right.

  4. Brent Hoffman says:

    That’s what I’m sayin tho…

  5. Jill Witnik says:

    I like those first ones just dont like the big N…

  6. Gary Ellmore says:

    Been waiting for these for a while! Eddie Reid

  7. Linda Mgcina says:

    Now that’s what I’m talking about!!!!

  8. David Garza says:

    These are pretty fly!

  9. Eddie Reid says:

    But which model..? Gary Ellmore

  10. Gary Ellmore says:

    Stratford 479 dude! For sure! Eddie Reid

  11. Cordell Frank says:

    They look clean

  12. Eddie Reid says:

    Oh yes! ;) Gary Ellmore

  13. Brent Hoffman says:

    but ALL New Balance shoes have those! It’s like the Nike swoosh!

  14. Jill Witnik says:

    I totally get that, but its not as cool I guess. either way Id still by em for my kid

  15. Brent Hoffman says:

    DO IT.

  16. Jill Witnik says:

    He is into supras and basketballs shoes at the moment…damn jr high punks

  17. Brent Hoffman says:

    At least he doesn’t have bad taste?

  18. Jill Witnik says:

    no he doesnt… i like his swag :)