Tracy McGrady’s Kicks On Court Timeline

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Yesterday, Tracy McGrady announced that he will be trying his hand at baseball. The sensational shooting guard has been working with MLB legend Roger Clemens in an effort to put his pitching prowess on the map. Currently in talks with the Atlantic League’s Sugar Land Skeeters, T-Mac could be taking the mound as soon as this summer. With that in mind, we rewind to his basketball retirement to take a look back at the kicks he wore on court.

Tracy McGrady officially retired from the NBA today. Although T-Mac became a NBA journeyman over time, his loyalty to adidas never wavered. Since his high school days at Mt. Zion, McGrady has laced up nothing but Three Stripe sneakers to go along with every uniform he has put on. The 7-time All-Star and 2-time Scoring Champion dazzled fans with his effortless scoring ability and flare, wearing sneakers that kept up with his high-level of play.

Click through to see a chronological timeline and highlights of T-Mac’s adidas history, and let us know what you think his best Kicks On Court moment was in his 16 years in the NBA in the comment section.

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Team: Mount Zion Christian Academy

Shoes: adidas Top Ten 2000



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  1. JHowieee says:

    CoachSorensonOU Thank you Coach, means a lot to me! Hope everything is going good for you…

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    Real_T_Mac RT nicekicks: Tracy McGrady’s Kicks On Court Timeline http://t.co/9E86O42kgw

  3. CoachSorensonOU says:

    JHowieee no problem. Proud of you!

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    CoachSorensonOU Really appreciate that!

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    coreypetros Man, thank you bro! Appreciate the love!

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    JHowieee no problem bro!

  7. Darian Boom Montana says:

    U see how his form switched over the years

  8. M Keegan O'connell says:

    incorrect where are the Spurs

  9. Vasco Duarte says:


  10. Marash Pali Mush Berisha says:

    He never played a game for the spurs wish he did u probably would of helped

  11. Marash Pali Mush Berisha says:


  12. Darian Boom Montana says:

    He did play with the spurs, he was just a 4th quarter player

  13. Trevor Collier says:

    it didnt change the ball of at a different point in every pic -__-

  14. Devon Smith says:

    still got the same jumper.

  15. Trevor Collier says:

    he probably did take a jumpshot there lmao

  16. Charles Thomas says:

    Dope pic!

  17. Darian Boom Montana says:

    From Toronto to Atlanta, look at how he positioned the ball, look at his elbow angle

  18. Andre Ellis says:

    Jumpshot never changed.

  19. Marcus Poohdini Sadler says:

    Damn, he became a journeyman… Smh, lol

  20. Benjamin H. Ball says:

    each picture is a different moment in his release