Nike Air Seinfeld PE

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Nike Air Seinfeld PE

Situational comedy yields exclusive sneakers on a Nike sneaker designed for Jerry Seinfeld. Sporting the comic’s name in the same fashion as the Air Jordan 7 font, these canvas clad kicks keep it simple and mostly minimal. An all-white upper matches a midsole of the same tone, with both features benefiting from slight blue accents. As we await the “Bel-Air” Jordans, should a “Seinfeld” Nike also be on the way? Let us know what you think in the comment section.

Nike Air Seinfeld PE

Source: Modern Notoriety

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55 Comments on "Nike Air Seinfeld PE"

  1. JVisenberg

    YouTwittFace14 those look amazing!!! Must have for sure!!! Thanks for passing a long and making me hypebeast!!!

  2. KennyattaRodney


  3. Soundwave787

    Seinfeld  rocked a number of Jordans and other legit Nikes during the run of the show. They come out with a “PE” and they give him this garbage. Do better Nike. Do better.

  4. Brittany R. Evans

    No & especially not after the racial slurs he let out a few years back when no colored ppl would laugh at his wack ass jokes at his show. #ImGood

  5. Chuck Rugged

    Shes a tickler, and your not a stickler for a tickler? Not a stickler for a tickler. Stickler stickler, atickler, stickler, stickler… Lol family guy.

  6. Juan Rojas

    Seinfeld is an O.G sneakerhead! Before any of these youngsters even thought of themselves as a sneakerhead.

  7. James Nixon

    @brittany that was Michael Richards (kramer). Seinfeld doesn’t even curse in his act. Get your facts straight if you’re gonna hate, at least.
    I would def cop these for retail.

  8. Corbin Barber

    Kids gotta learn to respect OGs..Jerry was rockin OG Jordan’s on his show before most if you were born..

  9. Alessandra de Arcangelis

    Hell yeah my favorite. & Jerry Seinfeld was always wearing dope sneakers he’s respected in the game!

  10. romye

    Wow….nobody even mentioned the model…it was the Nike canvas GTS. These were the shit when I was in high school. On that smooth swag, one leg up. You new sneakerheads don’t know shit.

  11. 305Kicks

    never would i have ever thought of wearing a canvas style low cut .. until i saw the air seinfeld lol im all in

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