Situational comedy yields exclusive sneakers on a Nike sneaker designed for Jerry Seinfeld. Sporting the comic’s name in the same fashion as the Air Jordan 7 font, these canvas clad kicks keep it simple and mostly minimal. An all-white upper matches a midsole of the same tone, with both features benefiting from slight blue accents. As we await the “Bel-Air” Jordans, should a “Seinfeld” Nike also be on the way? Let us know what you think in the comment section.

Nike Air Seinfeld PE

Source: Modern Notoriety

  • RockEmApparel

    nicekicks hello….JERRY

  • J_Muckz

    nicekicks these scream Larry David

  • JVisenberg

    YouTwittFace14 those look amazing!!! Must have for sure!!! Thanks for passing a long and making me hypebeast!!!

  • YouTwittFace14

    JVisenberg LOL #Hypebeast #JewCrew

  • laser_hawk

    “nicekicks: Nike Air Seinfeld PE”fitzy_23 dfletcher21 I would wear these too

  • KennyattaRodney


  • rant and whine

    i love the show but this is pointless…i mean, really?

  • Soundwave787

    Seinfeld  rocked a number of Jordans and other legit Nikes during the run of the show. They come out with a “PE” and they give him this garbage. Do better Nike. Do better.

  • Tjzoo

    Just like Seinfeld’s show… a whole lot of nothing!

  • Michael Joseph


  • Nick Perkins

    Hell nooo

  • Dominic Marquez


  • Eric Kramer

    Ryan Winfree you and clew

  • John David Flores Jr.


  • Jon Mitchell

    does it come with a puffy shirt?

  • Elena Verde

    hell naw

  • Jay Mumphrey


  • David Young


  • David Young


  • Aaron Hinkle

    Ben Bertolini

  • Renard Stith

    Lmbo no

  • Fernando Colón

    Are they serious?

  • Brittany R. Evans

    No & especially not after the racial slurs he let out a few years back when no colored ppl would laugh at his wack ass jokes at his show. #ImGood

  • Sylvain Ulrich

    I love how everybody knows everything…do your research and THEN talk.

  • Chuck Rugged

    Shes a tickler, and your not a stickler for a tickler? Not a stickler for a tickler. Stickler stickler, atickler, stickler, stickler… Lol family guy.

  • Juan Rojas

    Seinfeld is an O.G sneakerhead! Before any of these youngsters even thought of themselves as a sneakerhead.

  • Matthew Varoz

    haha love it!!!

  • Ezra Diaz

    Brittany seinfeld didnt let out no racial slurs that was kramer….

  • Dayvantee Rouse

    NO…you can thank Kramer

  • James Nixon

    @brittany that was Michael Richards (kramer). Seinfeld doesn’t even curse in his act. Get your facts straight if you’re gonna hate, at least.
    I would def cop these for retail.

  • Cordell Sandy

    look good to me so yeap

  • Charles Thomas

    On the cool, Jerry had some heat on that show. I’ve spotted 2 different Js before.

  • Charles Thomas

    On the cool, Jerry had some heat on that show. I’ve spotted 2 different Js before.

  • Keifor Ridge


  • Keifor Ridge


  • Gerald Hyler

    No way!

  • Gerald Hyler

    No way!

  • Corbin Barber

    Kids gotta learn to respect OGs..Jerry was rockin OG Jordan’s on his show before most if you were born..

  • Brent Rozell

    Hell no..whack as hell

  • Brent Rozell

    Look like 80’s keds

  • Adam Fischer

    Only shoe i would ever line up for

  • Ben Bertolini


  • Erik Moreno

    No Kramer PEs

  • Erik Moreno


  • Marcel Wade

    Bob Sacamano hooked me up with these the other day

  • Jarvis Roach

    Hell NO WHACK!

  • Flynn John

    Why would anyone “cop” these?

  • Alessandra de Arcangelis

    Hell yeah my favorite. & Jerry Seinfeld was always wearing dope sneakers he’s respected in the game!

  • Bryce Blanton

    Mary Miller Blanton Noah Blanton Everett Blanton

  • Emily Dykstra


  • NickatNit3

    nicekicks had some shoes from the show Coach similar to these in purple back in the day.

  • romye

    Wow….nobody even mentioned the model…it was the Nike canvas GTS. These were the shit when I was in high school. On that smooth swag, one leg up. You new sneakerheads don’t know shit.

  • 305Kicks

    never would i have ever thought of wearing a canvas style low cut .. until i saw the air seinfeld lol im all in

  • eyefivestyle

    TimmySorensen ignorant

  • RieksBakker

    nymfoDNB Januari! Dus je hebt nog ff om te sparen :-)