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Last week, we, the Nice Kicks staff, shared with you our holy grail sneakers and what we would do to obtain them in our latest installment of Kicks Chronicles. Everyone has one special shoe that is seemingly impossible to obtain, including you guys.

Following our staff submissions, we asked a number of sneaker fans, through various social media outlets, about their holy grails. Check out some of the detailed responses from sneakerheads all across the world below.

Connor Garrity

Nike Dunk High “Shima Shima III”

Nike Dunk High

Twitter: @thegmoney041/Instagram: thegmoney041

The ultimate grail for me is the Nike Dunk High “Shima Shima III.” Growing up a UCLA fan in Los Angeles, the powder blue and yellow – mixed with the pinstripe interior – is such a simple yet beautiful colorway. I like it because it’s exactly what I would do with a shoe. The Nike Dunk, to me, is the greatest model ever released and combing that colorway with my favorite model just makes this shoe perfect to me. Every time I see a picture of them, I am reminded of all the memories of attending UCLA football and basketball games with my family and friends. Even more so, those kicks embody every weekend in the fall from when I was a baby until I became a man. Even more so, it reminds me of my father and all the love and passion he had towards his alma matter.
Seeing that the shoe was only released in Japan and some places in Europe, I would literally fly to Japan, and look into every sneaker shop there to see if they still had them. However, because I cannot do that, I am constantly searching for an elusive size 10.5 on every site in hopes of one day finding them.


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