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Many sneaker collectors probably have more shoes than you’ll ever need for a lifetime, but there’s always that one shoe you’ll forever want. Even if you get that coveted shoe, there will probably be another hard-to-get shoe that soon garners your interest. Quests to obtain our holy grails, whether very expensive or extremely rare (sometimes both), tend to dominate our lives at some point or another.

For our third installment of Kick Chronicles, we, the Nice Kicks staff, detail and discuss the special shoe we don’t have that means everything to us. Check out the shoe each of us considers our holy grail, and share your own stories of your holy grails with us after reading.

Matt Halfhill

Air Jordan 3 “Copper True Blue” MJ PE


I’ve been on the hunt for years – more than 10 to be exact. I’ve never been a HUGE PE collector or hunter, but when I heard about the Air Jordan III True Blues getting Wizards treatment, I was on the hunt. I first heard about the shoe in passing in 2002, but it wasn’t until 2006 that I finally found them. They they were on eBay with only 2 bids and 2 days left. I emailed the seller to ensure that he would not end the auction early to someone offering an out of auction BIN.

I set alert on my phone, a Motorola RAZR, and was set for the final 5 minutes. There I watched the auction without ANY action. I put in my top bid (far more than I will tell my wife), and lost by a whopping $0.22. Seven years later, I still have not come across them except seeing them in person on Phase2’s table at Kixpo years back. Still on the hunt…

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