A “Sneak Peek” Inside Shelden Williams’ Sneaker Closets

Who would have ever thought that former Duke Blue Devil Shelden Williams was so into sneakers and memorabilia? The professional basketball player invites us inside his multi-closet shoe collection full of classic Nike Air Force 1s and original Air Jordans that he has been collecting since his college days. Williams also shares a number of sneaker stories that took place in those days before showing us his insane memorabilia room and part of his wife Candace Parker’s collection. Check it all out in Sneak Peek Season 2, Episode 5.


  1. damruff says:

    This was just ok, I think I have a better collection.

  2. Zeke Tobig says:

    This guy is a Bama.. He ain’t got nothing I don’t have myself. I thought he’d have something exclusive… He ain’t have ish…dumb dukies

  3. NKQB says:

    @damruff Post a link

  4. ShoeGameCraazy says:

    Nike Air Jordan V 5 Retro DMP Black 3M Raging Bull Size 13

  5. YellowingSucks says:

    Another Duke blue devil out of the league…spending that Candace Parker money.

  6. Neezy says:

    I hate to slander a Blue Devil, but the highlight of this guy’s pro career was smashing Candace P. and getting her preggo!

  7. Neezy says:

    @YellowingSucks Still got more in the league though than UNC! =D

  8. YellowingSucks says:

    @Neezy All sad considering the programs, they need some more bad boys and ncaa violators imo lol

  9. mahki sahn says:

    just goes to show that 95% of Nike/Air Jordan shoe aesthetic is ugly. Why people spend so much on those joints is out of my understanding.

  10. damruff says:

    @NKQB no need, you can check what I have for sale or have sold on ebay. I’m not the type of guy to post my entire collection. I posted a few of my kicks on the Sneakerwear app too