Air Jordan “Fear” Pack Release Date

The Air Jordan “Fear” Pack has caught the attention of sneakerheads thanks to its new takes on favorited Jordan models. Today, we receive the official release date for this upcoming collection. Look for the Air Jordan 3 “Fear”, Air Jordan 4 “Fear” and Air Jordan 5 “Fear” to release at select Jordan Brand accounts on August 24th. Will you be picking up any of the three pairs? Let us know in the comment section.

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Air Jordan “Fear” Pack

August 24, 2013

Air Jordan 4 Fear

Air Jordan 5 Fear

Source: @TheDonDrew

photos via @fatjoe on Instagram


  1. Mattja says:

    That IV is nice but I have seen the V in person and it isnt anything to write home about

  2. JackSpain says:

    Copping all three!!! At least September will be slow with only one AJ release

  3. MycBreez says:

    The IIIs

  4. YellowingSucks says:

    It only makes sense now everybody has a chance to get some heat but everyone wont be rocking the same thing because you have to choose since not many people are gonna get all three.

  5. YellowingSucks says:

    @Mattja Thanks for the second opinion cuz i was starting to change my mind on the Vs and get the IVs anyway.

  6. YellowingSucks says:

    Those 4s are gonna be ill to rock in the cooler months.

  7. YFNGJONNY says:

    Gotta cop the 5s

  8. csbenji says:

    3s and 4s!

  9. Niko Barberoglou says:


  10. Mike Mato says:


  11. Victor Cruz says:

    3′s & 4′s

  12. Randy Santos says:

    Sulma Chevez these!!!

  13. Sulma Chevez says:

    Randy Santos nah

  14. Randy Santos says:

    Sulma Chevez what!? Your crazy

  15. Christopher Nitz says:

    Phil McFly your Choice… 4er oder 5er?

  16. Daniel Navarro says:

    All of them

  17. Kelvin Gutierrez says:


  18. Greg Armstead says:


  19. Maurice Franklin says:

    Bryan Gardner what u kno about these

  20. CLprime_81 says:

    Gotta get the 4!