Air Jordan 3 “Fire Red” 2007 & 2013 Comparison

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One of the four original colorways of the Air Jordan 3, the “Fire Reds” are back for the third time. Michael Jordan laced up the “Fire Red” Jordan 3 during the 1988-89 season, where he won his only Defensive Player of the Year award, and his first NBA MVP. One of the tools that helped Jordan raise his game in ’88, MJ’s third signature shoe was the first to incorporate Nike Air technology. Its performance capabilities, combined with its sleek style that features the famous elephant print on the toe and heel, make this Air Jordan one of the best sneakers ever created. The “Fire Red” colorway perfectly compliment a Chicago Bulls jerseys, and the grey accents contrast the black and red to complete its appearance.

The Air Jordan 3 “Fire Red” received its first retro release in 2007, and now is back in its classic color scheme for 2013. The difference from the retro six years ago and the new release are very minimal, but it’s all in the details. Scroll through to see a comparison between the 2007 release and the 2013 Air Jordan 3 “Fire Red.”

Air Jordan 3 "Fire Red" 2007 Right Shoe

Air Jordan 3 “Fire Red” 2007 Right Shoe

Air Jordan 3 "Fire Red" 2013 Right Shoe

Air Jordan 3 “Fire Red” 2013 Right Shoe

Air Jordan 3 "Fire Red" 2007 Left Shoe

Air Jordan 3 “Fire Red” 2007 Left Shoe

Air Jordan 3 "Fire Red" 2013 Left Shoe

Air Jordan 3 “Fire Red” 2013 Left Shoe

Air Jordan 3 "Fire Red" 2006 Insole

Air Jordan 3 “Fire Red” 2007 Insole

Air Jordan 3 "Fire Red" 2013 Insole

Air Jordan 3 “Fire Red” 2013 Insole

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  1. Laced_Heat says:

    wow the completley changed the elephant print on the whole shoe.  It overall look a lot cheaper.  Guess ill be sticking with my 07 till a proper retro comes out

  2. @Laced_Heat good luck waitin on proper retro 2 come out lmao

  3. Laced_Heat says:

    @VladSneakerhead then ill just stop buying jordans. Its not a big deal there are plenty of other companys that make quality kicks. If people just stop buyin the retros because of the shit quality then maybr JB will rethink about using inferior materials. its the stupid people that complain but will buy the shoes anyways. They r the reason JB does whatever it wants.

  4. Ben Levron says:

    Front on the newer ones curls up more. Hate that.

  5. Voltron Burgundy says:

    Do any of you know how long shoes nowadays remain wearable? Do the materials used have the same lifespan, or do they last longer? And im not talking about regular wear and tear, I mean how soon does age and time make them unwearable.

  6. Baden Honrado Perez says:

    Yes! Yellowish on left….lol

  7. Dominic Kelley says:

    2013 deign is sharper and cleaner

  8. Dominic Kelley says:


  9. letsgoheat63134 says:

    love these gettin 2nd pair idk y people sleepin on these

  10. Igbyrhodes says:

    Very true @VladSneakerhead, although I did purchase these retro 3′s they do look of the poorest quality out of all of the retro 3′s to come out recently. I only hope that the price hike doesn’t bring about a sneaker of poorer quality.

  11. Joie Villanueva says:

    Only the insoles print differ, black Jumpman in ’07 and white Jumpman in ’13

  12. Timothy Hegarty says:

    I still love the 07

  13. PMJC07 says:

    Copped a pair today. They look fine. Next cop are the steel 10′s. damn, Jordan’s are gonna $170 next year! Does anybody if the steel 10′s are still going to be $160 or $170?

  14. ByronJohnson1 says:

    nice kicks doing some photo shopping on the red paint

  15. wrhamil55 says:

    I must be crazy…because the 2013 pics show a much higher quality shoe than the 2007. All threes have been well done with the exception on the black cements ( fake black cements can easily pass for the real thing).

  16. @Laced_Heat  @VladSneakerhead sure i agree but i only buy what i like i dont grab everything like others do.

  17. @wrhamil55 no fake can pass for a real thing if you know your stuff.

  18. Ben Levron says:

    Well i ended up buying a pair. Just walked passed a finish line and they were on display, guy asked me if i wanted to try a size, they had my size so i copped. The quality on the paint seems good on these so hopefully they wont crack.

  19. TyroneKeepStackzDavis says:

    just copped em from coolshoeshines.com

  20. NYCNATIVE917 says:

    @VladSneakerhead  @wrhamil55 it’s 2013 KID. You don’t think fake sneaker manufactures can knock off a $160 sneaker? lmfao, be real…Jordans are not a $600+ sneaker, quality has gone done dramatically.