Air Jordan 5 “What the 5″ Custom

Almost every “What the” sneaker that has released has been an instant sellout. Something about the wild paneling and funky appearance is mesmerizing to a lot of sneaker enthusiasts. Drawing inspiration from the unique trend, DeJesus Customs has cooked up a “What the 5″ concoction on the Air Jordan 5. Painted onto the recently released Air Jordan 5 “Fire Red”, the left shoe is sub-named the “What the Doernbecher” since it features the designs from all six Doernbecher models. To contrast, the right shoe consists of “artistic sample” Jordans such as Joan Miro’s 7s, Dave White’s work, and the Eminem collaboration. As one of the most detailed custom sneakers to date, this “What the 5″ piece is a new twist on the collage trend.

Should Jordan Brand consider releasing a few “What The” Air Jordans? Let us know if you’d like to see the style transition from one Beaverton building to another in the comment box underneath, and stay tuned to Nice Kicks for everything sneakers.

Air Jordan 5 "What the 5" Custom

Air Jordan 5 "What the 5" Custom

Air Jordan 5 "What the 5" Custom

Air Jordan 5 "What the 5" Custom

Air Jordan 5 "What the 5" Custom

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  1. Em Cee says:

    Mark Allen

  2. Harry Hoang says:


  3. Em Cee says:

    Yan tol walang duda hehe Mark Allen

  4. Just Rich says:


  5. Jeff Black says:


  6. Raz Rachamim says:

    More like wtf!

  7. David Sanchez says:

    They just put shit together for these.

  8. Naeem Majors says:

    These are terrible

  9. Dominique Vandelay says:

    A lot of those prints/designs aren’t even from the 5 line lmao #StopIt

  10. Eric Albarran says:

    Garbage juice

  11. Terry Bruce Herring II says:


  12. Cedric Foster says:


  13. Jack Kennett says:


  14. Leo Escobedo says:

    I rather buy sketchers -.-

  15. Krish Karunanidhi says:

    What the F’s

  16. Christopher Vasquez says:

    Stupid , should of used everything from all the 5s

  17. Chris Belladavo Pitre says:

    Could b better,, its randomness doesn’t come together right “what the dunks” were on point … these!! Not so much

  18. Jordan Debow says:

    These would have been nice if there were more polished and change the colors up a bit

  19. Jim Beers says:

    even IM gonna say those are horrible. who approves this vomit? i wanna see the person or persons in the “creative” room that is responsible for this mess. these look like Rev Run’s daughter’s shoes

  20. Johnny Santana says:

    What grown man would wear these ???….besides lil Wayne