Air Jordan 5 “Snakeskin” Custom

The Air Jordan 5 has received multiple premium retros since it first released in 1990, but never the superior look of snakeskin. Incomparable sneaker remixer JBF Customs has done a new number of his own, changing the AJ5 into a reptile. Using the recently release “Fire Red” 5 as a canvas, this one of one maintains the same midsole but adds grey scales to the entire upper, and black snakeskin around the ankle collar and on the tongue. To add detailing, a leather patch was added to the front of the tongue for a more premium appearance.

Are you afraid of snakes, or would you put these on your feet? Drop us a line in the comment box below, and keep it locked to Nice Kicks for everything sneakers.

Air Jordan 5 "Snakeskin" Custom

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  1. dezzie79 says:

    they just look alright

  2. Kentageous84 says:

    So…..these aren’t available?

  3. DennisMreasportsFlowers says:

    These r sick where can I get these

  4. Sean Anderson says:

    Kinda ugly

  5. Joseph DjbabyJay Flores says:


  6. Daniel Ruiz says:


  7. Stephen Gay says:


  8. Christopher S Thompson says:

    Also nice..

  9. Raghib Rahman says:

    Hell nooooo

  10. John Rey Reyes says:


  11. Wilson Leon says:


  12. William Albaladejo says:

    waste of a perfectly good snake

  13. Tonas Gilmore says:

    yes sir

  14. Keith Leggett says:


  15. Dante Darkko says:


  16. Luckie Charms says:

    Hell yeah aint gotta ask me twice drop that shit on christmas!

  17. Iam Thatiam says:

    no. too much white.

  18. Sean McCarty says:

    No way

  19. Oak Vegdale says:


  20. Jay Herdman says:

    Shoulda made the white parts black