A Chronological Look at Diana Taurasi’s LeBrons On Court

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Since 2003, Nike has not only supplied LeBron James with some of the most innovative and performance-ready silhouettes, but also a wide variety of intriguing colorways. However, King James is not the only player spotted in exclusive LeBron colorways on a regular basis. Two-time WNBA Champion Diana Taurasi has sported her fair share of LeBron PEs since 2008.

Following the debut of her “All-Star” LeBron X PS Elite iD, check out a chronological look at Diana Taurasi’s LeBrons over the years.

Nike Air Zoom Generation


Diana Taurasi was wearing LeBrons even before she signed on to exclusively wear LBJ’s signature line on court. To be specific, she laced up the Nike Air Zoom Generation during 2004 NBA Media Day (her rookie season).

Diana Taurasi

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  1. juicebox23 says:

    WNBA is actually full of sick PE’s that unfortunately nobody ever sees. would love to see Nike retro some of the old Swoopes too

  2. Anthony Majtyka says:


  3. kutsum says:

    Its cool to see the Lebrons in other colors. Never thought the phx cw would look so cool on almost every model. Also, the olympic 7 and 9 cws were nice IMO.