Nike LeBron X “Championship” Pack Set to Launch in China

A month after LeBron James won his second consecutive NBA championship, there is now release information regarding Nike’s LeBron “Championship Pack”. As King James makes his return to China for his eighth tour, he will launch his “Championship” Pack while in Guangzhou. The sought after collection of Nike gear includes the red LeBron X PS Elite that he wore in the Finals, a unique floral LeBron X Low that glows in the dark, two hats and a t-shirt. Kix-Files is also reporting that the pack will release in Hong Kong on July 27.

LeBron starts his foreign tour in China today, and will be there over the next four days. See detailed images of the “Championship” Pack here, and stay tuned to Nice Kicks for all of your sneaker news and future release information.

Nike LeBron X "Championship" Pack

Nike LeBron X "Championship" Pack

Source: Nike


  1. 305Kicks says:

    once again man .. im about to retire from the shoe game im tired of all these limited and exclusive releases in other countires in raffles a bunch of ridiculous things . The good stuff is impossible to get you have to take a day off of work just to figure out how to get the shoe.. man get out of here but then in every local nike retailer theres a bunch of ufgly trash rotting on the shelves

  2. cwong925 says:

    Yeah dude we getting this in HK 27th stoked

  3. Keith Arruda says:

    Nik Motta

  4. Joe PolkCounty Woods says:


  5. Johnny Alex Delatorre says:

    What’s the price

  6. Jordan TheKing Ibrahim says:

    I thought it already released.

  7. Xavier Porchas says:

    No shit

  8. Nicky Biggz says:

    wtf arent they in the US!?

  9. Xavier Porchas says:

    Gonna be impossible tho unless your name is JGOTit18

  10. Migrañas Nava says:

    Saca los ahorros Bro Robe Ayala

  11. Robe Ayala says:

    Migrañas Nava somos lebron haters/merchandise lovers!!!

  12. Migrañas Nava says:

    Lo odio!!!….pero dame los verdes y te quedas los rojos

  13. Kevin Diaz says:

    The lows glow in the dark

  14. AntHony Lagasca says:

    alwayss chinaa ! :33

  15. Dra Gilliam says:

    @305Kicks ppl gonna get what they want if they want it bad enough. and if u can’t just take the loss. no sense in complaining about the game. Its not gonna change just because you cant get everything. but the good thing is, you have another chance next weekend.

  16. Dra Gilliam says:

    i like these, if i can get my hands on my size. ill cop both shoes. got the tee. had to watch resellers buy up all the caps. but hey. im not mad at it.

  17. Brandon Hartman says:

    Its not a question of “would you cop?” but of “how many horrible things would you do to own them?”

  18. Robert Whiteley says:


  19. YellowingSucks says:

    @305Kicks Bro I just got done saying the same thing about the AJ1 OG “XQ”…China only? Man gimme a fcuking break. We get the shadows a good shoe but compared to the “XQ” with all the detail and laser etching and translucent soles those are trash. Then you’re gonna tell me they are able to get a pack to commemorate two NATIONAL basketball league championships for a NATIONAL player before the NATIONALS!?! GTFO