A “Sneak Peek” Inside San Diego Charger Marcus Gilchrist’s Sneaker Closets

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We return to the gridiron for the second Sneak Peek episode of July. San Diego Chargers safety Marcus Gilchrist invites us in to check out his well-kept collection full of extremely exclusive LeBrons and rare Air Jordans. Check out both of Gilchrist’s closets, which feature shoes never seen in anyone else’s episode.

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15 Comments on "A “Sneak Peek” Inside San Diego Charger Marcus Gilchrist’s Sneaker Closets"

  1. money miguel

    He said in the beginning  when he was young and didn’t have a lot of money he wanted to buy shoes. He making money now and buying shoes so is that what this fool set his life out to be make money and buy shoes. anyone who makes a little cheese can buy shoes too. Just shows you how smart this fool is when he didn’t make no money he couldn’t buy shoes, he making a little money now so he calling people with out exclusives general release shawty’s. I looks like to me this foo is a hypebeast with money. I see this foo broke and out of work in the near future. Maybe he should stay humble instead of labeling people who can’t cop exclusives general release shawty’s and remember where he came from cause this fool is a pay check away from being homeless….

  2. Charger kix

    @money miguel I think he was talking to other NFL players/ celebrities/ people featured on Sneek Peek. You have players like Hayden, Kaepernick, and Cruz getting sneaker publicity and all they have is tons of general releases. First of all, they have access to get general release shoes for free. the cost is really besides the point. The PE’s that Gilchrist is showing off here are not easily attained and definitely are not free. Look at the other sneak peek athletes and most of them (with exception of basketball players) are showing a large quantity of general releases. I think his “general release shawty” diss was directed to them other celebrities. it only makes sense.  I know the guys at Blends in San Diego where he does get alot of his shoes from and they tell me how humble and down to earth he is. I have also heard stories of him giving shoes away to people who needed them. So i dont believe his intention was to put down anyone thats not as fortunate as him. Thats just not his character. #BOLTUP #GOBOLTS

  3. money miguel

    @Charger kix  @money That’s all good and all And you’re probably right. but that was just my impression of him when he said that. He just came off to me in the wrong way when he said that. He does have an impressive collection, in my opinion though  even if he’s directing it toward other celebrities and athletes he honestly should stay humble and keep it to himself. Good for him if he’s giving away kicks to people in need. Still should of kept it humble, could of left that comment out and kept it moving along. If he’s shelling out cash and working hard to get them exclusives good for him because it’s all about the hunt right??? just my opinion keep it humble. I am a charger fan myself and live in the SD area so yeah #BOLTUP #GOBOLTS Hope he Plays as well as his sneaker collection is….

  4. 011781

    So where’s the shoes he couldn’t afford as a kid? Son was a grown ass man when all these shoes released.
    DJ Skee still shitting on everybody. His collection was the realest shit I’ve ever seen. He had a variety of models and had a story for every single shoe he put his hands on. Skee didn’t didn’t need the internet to become a “sneakerhead”.

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